Drivers and Protocols

Litmus currently has prebuilt drivers for 275+ of the most popular data sources used by OT and manufacturers across their plants. If we don’t have what you’re looking for, we can rapidly develop it.

ABB TotalFlow FCU
Advantech ADAM Series Ethernet
Allen-Bradley Controllogix
Allen-Bradley Controllogix Unsolicited
Allen-Bradley DF1 Ethernet
Allen-Bradley DF1 Serial
Allen-Bradley DH + Allen-Bradley DH 485
Allen-Bradley Micro800 Ethernet
Allen-Bradley Micro800 Serial
Allen-Bradley PLC5 Ethernet
Allen-Bradley PLC5 Serial
Allen-Bradley SLC500 Ethernet (Custom Module)
B&R Modbus Advance
Bacnet IP
Bacnet MSTP
Barcode HID
Beckhoff TwinCAT 3 ADS
Beckhoff TwinCAT PLC
Beckhoff Unsolicited
Bosch Rexroth IndraControl Ethernet
Can Raw
Canbus CanOpen Slave
Canbus J1939
Codesys V2 Ethernet
Codesys V2/V3 Unsolicited
Codesys V3 Ethernet
Cutler-Hammer/Eaton ELC Ethernet
Cutler-Hammer/Eaton ELC Serial
Danfoss ECL Apex20 Ethernet
Danfoss ECL Apex20 Serial
Danfoss Superheat controllers
Delta AS300 Ethernet
Delta DVP Ethernet
Delta DVP Serial
DIGI Control PLC – Ethernet
DIGI Control PLC – Serial
Echelon (Via LonServer)
EMERSON ControlWave MICRO – Ethernet
Emerson PLC EC20 Serial
EMERSON ROC800 – Ethernet
Ethernet HTTP Request-Response Raw
Ethernet TCP Raw
Ethernet UDP Raw
Fanuc Focas 2 Ethernet
Fanuc Focas HSSB
Fatek FB
File Mount / Local Raw Files (CSV / Logs)
Fuji NB
Fuji SPH2000
GE Fanuc 90-30 Ethernet
GE Fanuc 90-30 Serial
GE VersaMax Ethernet
GE VersaMax Serial-CMM
Hart-IP Gateway

Heidenhain TNC 640 & iTNC 530
Hitachi EHV Ethernet
Hitachi EHV Serial
Hollysys Ethernet
Hollysys Serial
Honeywell UDC Ethernet
Honeywell UDC Serial
HPE CAN Raw (need HPE EL300 with CAN module to work)
HPE GPIO (need HPE EL300 for driver to work)
IDEC Micro / MicroSmart Serial
IDEC MicroSmart Ethernet
IEC 60870-5-101 Slave
JTekt Toyopuc PC3/PC2/PC10 Ethernet
JTekt Toyopuc PCk06 Serial
Keyence KV Ethernet
Keyence KV Serial
Koyo / AutomationDirect Click Ethernet
Koyo / AutomationDirect Click Serial
Koyo / AutomationDirect DirectLogic Ethernet
Koyo / AutomationDirect DoMore Ethernet
Koyo / AutomationDirect DoMore Serial
Lenze Drive Serial
LS Glofa Ethernet
LS Glofa Serial (Cnet)
LS MASTER-K Serial (Cnet)
LS XGB Series (XGM, XBC, XEC) Ethernet
LS XGB Series (XGM, XBC, XEC) Serial
LS XGT Series (XGK, XGI, XGR) Ethernet
LS XGT Series (XGK, XGI, XGR) Serial
Mazak CNC
Mitsubishi CNC
Mitsubishi FX2N
Mitsubishi FX2N-1020G Serial
Mitsubishi FX3G Serial
Mitsubishi FX3U Ethernet
Mitsubishi FX3U Serial
Mitsubishi FX5U Ethernet
Mitsubishi FX5U Serial
Mitsubishi iQ-R Ethernet
Mitsubishi L Ethernet
Mitsubishi Q Ethernet
Mitsubishi QJ71E71 Ethernet
Mitsubishi QxUDH Serial
Modbus 32 Bit
Modbus Advance
Modbus Enron
Modbus Plus
Modbus RTU
Modbus TCP
Modbus UDP
Modbus Unsolicited
MOXA ioLogik Modbus Advance
MTConnect General
ODVA Ethernet/IP Raw
Okuma CNC
Omron FINS (CJ/CS/CP) Ethernet
Omron FINS (CJ/CS/CP) Serial
Omron HostLink
Omron NJ / NX Ethernet
OPCUA Client
Opto22 Ethernet
Panasonic FP Ethernet
Panasonic FP2 Ethernet
Panasonic FP2 Serial
Panasonic KWx Serial
Parker acer9000 ethernet
Parker Compax 3
RS Automation X8 Series Ethernet
Saia Ethernet
Samsung SPC 10
Schneider M Series Ethernet
Schneider MODBUS RTU
Schneider MODBUS TCP
Schneider Zelio Serial
Sick Flexi Ethernet
Sick Flexi Serial
Sick Flexi Unsolicited Ethernet
Siemens Logo Ethernet
Siemens S5 Ethernet
Siemens S7 (All series) Ethernet
Siemens S7 (All series) Serial-Ethernet Extensions Modules
Siemens S7 300-400 ISO Ethernet
Siemens S7 MPI – PC Adapater – Serial
Siemens S7-200 Ethernet
Siemens S7-200 Serial
Siemens Simatic 505 Ethernet
Siemens Simatic 505 Serial
Siemens Simatic 565 Ethernet
Siemens Simatic 565 Serial
Siemens Sinumerik CNC Ethernet
Siemens Sinumerik CNC Serial
Siemens TCP Unsolicited
SIXNET EtherTRAK Ethernet
Toshiba T Series Serial
Turck BEEP (Modbus Map)
VIPA 200/300 Ethernet
VIPA 200/300 MPI – Serial
Wago Ethernet
Wago Ethernet Unsolicited
Yaskawa DX / FX Robotic Controller Ethernet
Yaskawa DX / FX Robotic Controller Serial
Yaskawa Memobus Ethernet
Yaskawa Memobus Serial
Yaskawa MP Series Ethernet
Yaskawa MP Series Serial
Yaskawa MP2300Siec Ethernet
Yaskawa MP2300Siec Serial
Yokogawa DX Ethernet
Yokogawa DX Serial
Yokogawa FA-M3 Ethernet
Yokogawa FA-M3 Seria

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