• Tier 1 automotive supplier adopted Litmus Edge to solve connectivity challenges
  • Connected to a series of gauges and implemented condition-based monitoring
  • Automated workflow to save money, increase throughput and reduce time to market
  • Achieved traceability with plans to expand and add centralized management of all deployments

A Tier 1 automotive supplier manufactures gears including engine and chassis components. They aimed to digitize manual workflow, implement condition-based machine monitoring, and inspect the quality of parts to increase throughput. They had tried to connect to a set of gauges on a series of machines unsuccessfully with Kepserver and contacted Litmus to help solve their connectivity challenges. Litmus was able to connect to the gauges quickly with out-of-the-box drivers which led to the customer adopting the Litmus Edge Industrial IoT Edge platform for further use cases.

Once connections to the machine gauges were established and condition-based monitoring was achieved, the customer added a second set of Coordinated Measurement Machines (CMM) to track part quality. They were looking at quality manually prior to Litmus Edge adoption, exporting csv files, printing reports, and doing labor-intensive calculations.

Litmus Edge was able to read the CMM result text files to determine if the measurements were in spec, parse the specified data set for disposition processing, send the data to a SQL Server, then add barcode data and execute a disposition algorithm. Litmus Edge unified all of the data and integrated with the customer’s Content Management System (CMS) so they could automatically print the disposition labels. The workflow was successfully automated to save money, but perhaps more importantly, the new process reduced the time it took to check part quality and thus increased throughput and reduced time to market.

The next use case the customer implemented was traceability with data insights into which products have passed certification. As the project moves forward, they plan to implement a more complete traceability solution that incorporates data from gauges to complement the CMM data for the same part. They are also implementing Litmus Edge Manager to manage all deployments across all factories.