Drivers and Protocols

Litmus currently has prebuilt drivers for 275+ of the most popular data sources used by OT and manufacturers across their plants. If we don’t have what you’re looking for, we can rapidly develop it.

ABB TotalFlow DB2 (GEN1)
Allen-Bradley CompactLogix Ethernet Advanced
Allen-Bradley CompactLogix Ethernet FreeTag
Allen-Bradley CompactLogix FreeTag (Gen1)
Allen-Bradley ControlLogix Unsolicited (Gen1)
Allen-Bradley DF1 (Gen1)
Allen-Bradley EthernetIP Ethernet
Allen-Bradley Flex Serial (Gen1)
Allen-Bradley FlexLogix (Gen1)
Allen-Bradley Micro850 (Gen1)
Allen-Bradley Micro850 FreeTag (Gen1)
Allen-Bradley BPLC5 (Gen1)
Allen-Bradley PLC5 Ethernet (Gen1)
Bacnet IP
Beckhoff ADS/AMS Ethernet (Gen1)
Beckhoff TwinCAT3 Ethernet (Gen1)
Brother Speedio Ethernet (Gen1)
Brother TC Ethernet (GEN1)
Can Raw (GEN1)
CIP Explicit (Gen1)
CodeSys Ethernet (Gen1)
Danfoss FC/TSC
Delta DVP (Gen1)
DNP3 Ethernet
ELC Serial (Gen1)
Euromap63 (Gen1)
Excel (Gen1)
Fanuc CNC Ethernet (Gen1)
Fuji NB Serial (Gen1)
Fuji SPH2000 Ethernet (Gen1)
GE Fanuc 90-30 Ethernet (Gen1)
GE Fanuc CMM Serial (Gen1)
GE Fanuc RX3i Ethernet (Gen1)
GE Fanuc RX3i Serial (Gen1)
GE Fanuc SNP Serial (Gen1)
Heidenhain 530 Advanced Ethernet (Gen1)
Heidenhain 530 Ethernet (Gen1)
Heidenhain 640 Ethernet (Gen1)
HID Device (Gen1)
Hitachi Serial (Gen1)
HPE CAN Raw (Gen1)
IEC60870-5-102 Ethernet (Gen1)
JTEKT Toyopuc CMP-Link Ethernet (Gen1)

JTEKT Toyopuc Serial (Gen1)
Keyence KV10 Serial (Gen1)
Keyence Nano Ethernet (Gen1)
Keyence Serial (Gen1)
Koyo Click Serial (Gen1)
Koyo Direct Serial (Gen1)
Koyo Ethernet
LS Master-K CPU Direct Serial (Gen1)
LS XBM Cnet Serial (Gen1)
LS XBM Serial (Gen1)
Mitsubishi A Series Serial
Mitsubishi A2N Serial (Gen1) Mitsubishi A2SH Serial (Gen1)
Mitsubishi A2USH Serial (Gen1)
Mitsubishi FX2N Serial (Gen1)
Mitsubishi FX2N-10GM/20GM Serial (Gen1)
Mitsubishi FX3G ASCII Ethernet (Gen1)
Mitsubishi FX3G Binary Ethernet (Gen1)
Mitsubishi FX3U Serial (Gen1)
Mitsubishi FX5U Serial (Gen1)
Mitsubishi FX5U-Ethernet ASCII (Gen1)
Mitsubishi FX5U-Ethernet-Binary (Gen1)
Mitsubishi Melsec-L-ASCII (Gen1)
Mitsubishi Melsec-L-Binary (Gen1)
Mitsubishi Melsec-Q-ASCII (Gen1)
Mitsubishi Melsec-Q-Binary (Gen1)
Mitsubishi Q/L Ethernet
Mitsubishi Q00-01H Serial (Gen1)
Mitsubishi Q02 02H Serial (Gen1)
Mitsubishi Q06 Serial (Gen1)
Mitsubishi QJ71E71
Mitsubishi R04-Ethernet-Binary (Gen1)
Mitsubishi SLMP (Gen1)
Modbus ASCII
Modbus ASCII (Gen1)
Modbus RTU
Modbus RTU (Gen1)
Modbus RTU Advanced
Modbus RTU over TCP
Modbus RTU-Offset (Gen1)
Modbus TCP
Modbus TCP (GEN1)
Modbus TCP-Offset (Gen1)
Modbus UDP

Modbus UDP (Gen1)
MQTT Client
MQTT Server
MTConnect Ethernet (Gen1)
Oemax Serial (Gen1)
Omron Fins Ethernet
Omron Fins Ethernet (Gen1)
Omron-Hostlink (Gen1)
Omron-NJ-Ethernet (Gen1)
Omron-Peripheral (Gen1)
OPC UA Client
OPC UA Client Advanced
OPC UA Client Poll
OPC UA DeviceHub Agent
Opto22 MMIO Protocol Ethernet (Gen1)
OSI Agent
Panasonic FP Ethernet (Gen1)
Panasonic FP Serial (Gen1)
Panasonic FP7 Ethernet (Gen1)
Panasonic Mewtocol Ethernet (Gen1)
Parker ACR9000 Ethernet (Gen1)
Ping (Gen1)
Profinet Acyclic
Roc800 Ethernet
SAIA Ethernet (Gen1)
Sick Flexi Serial (Gen1)
Siemens ISO-on-TCP Siemens Logo Ethernet (Gen1)
Siemens S5 Ethernet (Gen1)
Siemens S7
Siemens S7-200 Ethernet (Gen1)
Siemens S7-200 Serial (Gen1)
Siemens S7-300 Serial (Gen1)
Siemens S7-400 (Gen1)
Siemens S7-Advanced (Gen1)
Siemens Sinumerik Ethernet (Gen1)
Siemens Sinumerik Ethernet (Gen1)
Siemens TI505 Ethernet (Gen1)
Siemens TI505 Serial (Gen1)
Simulator (Gen1)
Sinumerik 808D Serial (Gen1)
SLC Gateway (Gen1)
Torque Tool Ethernet (Gen1)
Toshiba Computer Link Ethernet (Gen1)
VIPA 300s Ethernet (Gen1)
Yaskawa MP2300 Ethernet (Gen1)
Yokogawa FA-M3 Ethernet (Gen1)

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