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Past Speakers and Industry Experts

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Insights from Industry Experts

The best and brightest in manufacturing and technology share their insights.

Advice on Data in Manufacturing
Travis Cox, Ignition
Shed Light on New Opps with Data
Dave McMorran, Litmus
The Bathroom Test (Digital Transformation)
Jake Hall, The Manufacturing Millennial
Moving Beyond Clipboards​: Use Cases
Marc Dekker, Litmus
Time to Market with AI
Anna-Katrina Shedletsky, Instrumental
Using Analytics to Increase Productivity
Rija Rakotoarisoa

Learn How You Can Do More With Data​

Using Data to Get a Step Ahead
Using Data to Get a Step Ahead
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Data Playbook for Steel Manufacturers​
Data Playbook for Steel Manufacturers​
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Making Data Make Sense in 2023
Making Data Make Sense in 2023
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Why Doing More with Data Matters?

Industrial data lies at the heart of IIoT. Smarter, automated production environments empower manufacturers to scale securely. Industrial data platforms help collect, normalize, contextualize, and analyze operational data for an enterprise – without disrupting day-to-day factory operations. And this data powers insights to make better, more informed decisions to help scale.  

Factory Digitalization
Smart industry robot arms for digital factory production technology

Data-Powered Insights

Manufacturing operations produce terabytes of data every day.  Liberating data from machines and turning it into meaningful and actionable intelligence to drive efficiencies across the enterprise is the foundation for a modern factory. 

Can you imagine running a multi-billion-dollar, multi-plant manufacturing operation without information on what’s working? Whether you are focused on improving OEE, preventative maintenance, process improvement or overall operations monitoring, you will need data to make decisions.  

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