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DMWD Live Data Dave and Mfg Marc

Do More with Data (DMWD) Live with Data Dave & Mfg Marc.

Step into the fascinating world of manufacturing alongside Data Dave, the Director of Sales Engineering at Litmus, and MFG Marc, the VP of Customer Success, in the “Do More with Data Live” show! This dynamic duo brings a unique blend of expertise and experience, ready to immerse you in the latest manufacturing trends and innovations.

Join them on this captivating journey as they dissect intricate manufacturing processes, harness the power of data analytics, and delve into strategies that drive success in the industry. With Data Dave & MFG Marc’s combined wealth of knowledge and extensive experience, each episode promises an engaging exploration of the pivotal role that data plays in modern manufacturing.

Get Involved: Share Your Ideas with Marc and Dave.

Share Your Ideas and Get Answers from Marc & Dave!

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Do More with Data Summit

This bi-annual event brings together doers and dreamers from across the world in IIoT to discuss and debate the latest trends and tools for manufacturing with a focus on stories, use cases and actionable tips to start, accelerate or reboot digital transformation efforts.

Check out the recordings from the last two summits below!

DMWD Summit

Do More With Data Snippets

The best and brightest in manufacturing and technology share their insights.

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Using Data to Get a Step Ahead
Using Data to Get a Step Ahead
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Data Playbook for Steel Manufacturers
Data Playbook for Steel Manufacturers
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Making Data Make Sense in 2023
Making Data Make Sense in 2023
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