Dell Technologies + Litmus simplifies the path to smart manufacturing with a high-performance edge solution

Manufacturers are looking for a scalable solution that reduces complexity at the edge to collect and act on valuable machine data. The Dell Technologies Validated Design for Manufacturing Edge with Litmus is a high-performance edge infrastructure built to ingest, process, analyze and store large streams of data at the edge to accelerate smart manufacturing outcomes.

Unified Hardware and Software Stack for High-Performance Edge Computing

Dell hardware combined with Litmus software gives customers a turnkey edge computing solution ready to collect, process, store, analyze and put large streams of data to work at the edge. We’ve integrated and optimized the full stack so customers can immediately activate the power of the edge for data-driven decision making.

Enterprise-Grade Edge Infrastructure for Security, Reliability and Scalability

The Dell EMC VxRail plus Litmus Edge is a resilient, scalable edge compute infrastructure that ensures data is securely and reliably stored at the source and integrated with enterprise systems. Scale is enabled via a centralized edge management platform that manages all IIoT devices and services across all locations from a single point of control.

Take Immediate Action on Machine Data and Activate Advanced Edge Use Cases

Dell + Litmus provides immediate insights at the edge that can be used to reduce downtime, improve product quality and increase production. The solution harnesses the power of edge data to feed applications and machine learning models, and ultimately enable advanced use cases from OEE improvement to predictive maintenance.

The Litmus Industrial IoT Edge Platform

Our flexible and scalable Industrial IoT Edge platform is built for any Industry 4.0 initiative or use case – from OEE and asset condition monitoring to predictive maintenance and machine learning. Litmus provides the device connectivity, edge analytics, application deployment, and data integration necessary for complete edge-to-cloud data flow at scale.

Get Started With Litmus

Working with Litmus is fast and easy, we can help any industrial company derive value from the edge immediately for improved operational efficiency. Contact us to start your digital transformation today.