Only Litmus Edge unifies data collection, machine analytics, edge-to-cloud data integration and edge applications in one Industrial IoT platform

One Platform

Everything you need for true edge-to-cloud Industrial IoT including complete connectivity, machine analytics, integration to cloud systems and application enablement.


Used by the best and the biggest companies in the world to connect to any industrial machine and scale to any number of sites for seamless large-scale deployment.

Secure by Design

Deploying at the edge as an offline-first solution ensures data is contained and stored at the data source. Send only the data you need to external systems using secure IT policies.

Share Data

Share intelligence across the enterprise with an open and flexible platform that moves data freely from edge to cloud and back again.

Flexible Deployments

Deploy at the edge, in the cloud, or with a hybrid model via gateway, VM or container to meet the needs of any OT or IT infrastructure.

Transparent Pricing

Litmus uses site-based licensing, meaning all the drivers, data collection points and features needed for a complete and successful deployment are included - no hidden costs.

One Industrial IoT Platform – Many Capabilities

Collect Machine Data

With 250+ pre-built drivers, Litmus can connect to any machine or industrial system out-of-the-box, then structure it into a common format ready for use by edge and enterprise applications.

  • Any asset – PLC, DCS, SCADA, Historian, ERP
  • Pre-loaded drivers, no programming required
  • Normalize hundreds of custom data points
Industrial IoT Data

Analyze Data

Monitor and analyze machine data with ready analytics and custom data visualizations for condition based monitoring, predictive maintenance, OEE optimization and more.

  • Analyze data at the edge for instant value
  • Pre-built analytics dramatically reduce setup time
  • Utilize Grafana open source-based dashboards
Litmus for Data Teams

Share Data with Enterprise Systems

Immediately feed ready-to-use machine data to any cloud or enterprise application to achieve a complete edge-to-cloud data picture for OT, IT and Data teams.

  • Normalized data ready for use by any application
  • Simple drag-and-drop editor to send data anywhere
  • Pre-built connectors to integrate to cloud systems

Run Applications

Host and access public or private applications in a centralized repository with the ability to rapidly and securely deploy and run applications at the edge.

  • Access a default set of 45+ pre-loaded applications
  • Deploy container-based applications with one-click
  • Zero-touch provisioning and mass management

Manage Deployments

Achieve a single point of control to view and manage a complete picture of edge devices, data, applications and deployments at scale with Litmus Edge Manager.

  • Visualize data from all devices and factories
  • Bring in and manage any digital twin or data model
  • Create an ideal configuration template to use on any line or site

How Edge-to-Enterprise Industrial IoT Works

Industrial IoT requires seamless and secure edge-to-enterprise data flow. With Litmus, IT and OT teams work together to connect all machines and start collecting data. Data is stored and analyzed at the edge, where OT teams can use it to increase uptime and efficiency, and IT can define what data to send to cloud and enterprise systems. There, data teams perform deep analysis, build models and deploy them back at the edge to improve operations over time.

Litmus Edge - How Edge-to-Cloud Works

OT Teams

OT teams use data collected by Litmus Edge to run analytics that help them understand machine behavior and reasons for downtime. They make data-driven decisions and run applications to improve operations.
OT Teams

IT Teams

IT teams manage how Litmus Edge is deployed - at the edge, in the data center or in the cloud. They make sure all edge devices, data and applications are running as planned with central control and security.
IT Teams

Data Teams

Data teams access normalized manufacturing data from Litmus Edge. They run analytics to understand what is happening at the edge, then build and deploy machine learning models to improve operations.
Data Teams

Litmus Edge Architecture

Litmus Edge is an all-in-one Industrial IoT platform designed to unify all OT data, put that data intelligence to work to power applications, and scale seamlessly with centralized management. The flexible Litmus Edge architecture lays the foundation for complete, secure, enterprise-scale data flow to enable any IIoT use case and improve operations at scale.

OT Asset Connectivity

Litmus Edge creates a unified OT data layer by connecting to every modern or legacy asset with ease - the critical first step for any successful Industrial IoT deployment. The platform handles the four key parts of OT asset connectivity – data collection, data normalization, data storage and data access.

Data Intelligence

Once all OT data has been collected and stored, Litmus Edge makes it easy to use the data intelligence to power any use case across the enterprise. Utilize ready KPIs, analytics and dashboards at the edge, or make the data available to any application for advanced analytics and data modeling.

Centralized Management

The only way to successfully scale Industrial IoT is with oversight and control over OT devices, data and applications. Litmus Edge Manager brings all data and management functions into one single point of control and easily scales to any number of assets for complete visibility.

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