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Your Hub for Industrial Data

Industrial data infrastructure can be complex – and legacy systems and daisy-chained solutions don’t make it any easier. Putting data to work at scale is an added challenge. Doing it securely is even harder. Eliminate missing links, let historians and SCADA do what they do best and improve visibility across the enterprise with a data platform that’s easy to deploy and easier to use.

Device connectivity using DeviceHub

275+ Prebuilt Industrial Drivers

Industrial Connectivity

Quickly connect to all your industrial assets in minutes at no additional cost – PLC, DCS, SCADA, Historians and more. Simply use our DeviceHub feature with prebuilt drivers (Serial, Ethernet, SocketCAN or File-based) to connect to Siemens, Allen Bradley, Hitachi, Emerson, Mitsubishi, Modbus and more.

Explore Our Industrial Connectors

Discover OT Systems on your network

Quickly search for devices on your network and pre-fill network parameters to connect to your devices. Add meta data on-the-go to add more context to enable data reuse for multiple applications.

Manage OT Systems on your network

Get static and dynamic data for your devices readily. Remove a device tag and check its last value, an event timestamp or something else. Want to check your device log? Simply enable the device logs.

Troubleshoot your OT network

Find out if a device in your operational environment is connected and accessible. The Utilities pane of your DeviceHub will instantly tell you if for some reason the device is inaccessible via its port or gets disconnected. Troubleshoot network issues easily and control when you want to scan your network.

A New Standardized Industrial Data Source

Data Collection and Normalization

Collect, normalize and contextualize the data collected from your devices and industrial systems. You can store the time-series data for historical analysis. Our DataHub enables you to access the normalized data across the enterprise so your entire organization can work from a single source of truth.

Talk To Us About Your Data Challenges

Data collection

Search, select, and Download Device Tags

Search, select, and download selected tags available for a device. You can add tags one at a time or upload multiple tags using a CSV file or browse a list of pre-defined tags. If you are looking for a specific tag, we make it easy to find it using our Server Search option.

Get your own data source – internal or external

You can configure an internal or external InfluxDB timeseries database. Change the source for your timeseries database. For your external data source, you can set your access credentials as well. Test and monitor your database connectivity with intuitive response messages.

Add valuable context from the Get-go

Now you can add relevance to your OT data right from the beginning as you start collecting the data. You can add metadata that can help you in finding, using, and reusing your data. You can organize your data according to devices, tags, plant floor in specific sites, devices in sites across multiple locations, and many other ways.

Data analytics

Automated Alerts and KPIs

Real-Time Analytics

Process and analyze your normalized data right at the edge before you send it to cloud. Use prebuilt drag-and-drop analytic workflows or build your own. Configure KPIs like OEE, uptime and downtime with no code. Perform statistical analysis on live data and send the results to your data, adding more context to your data.

Let’s Discuss What Industrial KPIs Are Important to You

Create and manage analytics flows

Collect, process, and export data to your individual configurations. Create an end-to-end flow, manage them, debug workflow issues, view workflow information in easy-to-understand color-coded views.

Process your data with advanced statistical functions

Do more than simple data analysis. Use our extensive list of built-in statistical functions – Gaussian filter, moving window average, anomaly detection, signal decomposition and many others. Write the output to tags, adding actionable context to your data.

Save time and effort with prebuilt KPIs

Avoid labor-intensive repetitive calculations with our off-the-shelf KPIs. Standardize processes across the enterprise or create site-specific KPIs. Monitor asset usage, capacity utilization, production cycle time, uptime and downtime by value and more in real-time.

One Place to Host and Deploy All Applications

Applications Marketplace

With Litmus Edge, use the same platform to build and deploy your Industrial IoT applications. Put your processed data to work in these applications. Get more than 50 preloaded public marketplace applications – including the Docker Registry. Create and run your custom containerized applications. Further accelerate your Industry 4.0 vision with our Solutions templates. Perform application orchestration and lifecycle management from the same platform.

Explore Ready-Made Solutions

Applications marketplace

Create, deploy, manage, and launch your applications

A broad range of popular applications – Elasticsearch, Kx, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Python, MySQL, Minio and more – are available in our default Public Marketplace on every Litmus Edge instance. You can easily add your own application or a third-party app within Docker containers to this marketplace.

Manage your marketplace applications

Looking for a specific application? You can use a built-in search bar to find it. Your enterprise team can add a marketplace catalog to make it available to all your Litmus users. Keep your applications up-to-date with the latest configurations.

Manage your Docker containers

For an IT user, we make it easy to manage your Docker containers from within the same platform where the applications run. You can add and run a container, start and stop the containers, remove them, view the container logs and inspect the config and policies included in the containers and more.


Prebuilt Integrations and REST APIs 

Data Integration

Send normalized, contextualized preprocessed data to your BI tools, cloud storage and services and other enterprise apps. At the same time, subscribe to these enterprise services for a continuous feedback loop into Litmus Edge. Use REST APIs for workflows.

Explore Northbound Integrations Beyond the Floor

GCP, AWS and Microsoft Azure connectors

In just a few clicks, publish and subscribe processed data to all of the three top cloud service providers. You can select the devices that publish and subscribe to these services.

Connect to MQTT, AMQP, and Kafka

You can connect and send messages to an external message broker such as MQTT, AMQP, and Kafka. Whether you need to connect to a generic MQTT broker or one from AWS, Azure or GCP, leverage our Litmus Edge integrations to start exchanging data seamlessly.

Send your OT data to enterprise databases and BI Tools

Send processed and relevant data to your enterprise databases for further analysis. Subscribe to those insights and act on them in real-time at the edge. Improve production quality, mitigate supply chain challenges and control your OT processes for faster time-to-value.

Machine Learning Inference at the Edge

Machine Learning

Run machine learning models inside Litmus Edge. Use existing models to predict, classify and detect anomalies. Receive trained data from the cloud and apply real-time actions on data ingested from plant floor devices. Use prebuilt connectors to Cloudera, Microsoft Azure and others for rapid deployment.

Applications marketplace

Designed for industrial use cases.

Reduce unplanned downtime, increase efficiency and get more proactive across the enterprise. Real-time data can provide additional insight to supply chain and go-to-market teams for better planning and forecasting.

Many industrial companies struggle to capture basic machine health data such as temperature, vibration, velocity and more. Litmus Edge helps you understand how assets are performing in real-time, collecting, normalizing and contextualizing all data from all PLCs, DCS, SCADA, historians and sensors.
Through Litmus Edge and with third party apps, feed machine learning models with valuable, normalized and contextualized data, and complete the feedback loop by running the new models at the edge. With our own digital twins, Litmus also serves as the source of data so asset modeling and instances are working on the same platform.
Litmus Edge collects and analyzes asset data needed to dramatically simplify the calculation of OEE with out-of-the-box KPIs. OT and IT teams trust Litmus to deliver the critical data they need to improve manufacturing uptime, performance and quality scores.

Collect and analyze data from all industrial assets to keep operations running as planned. The Litmus Edge platform is purpose-built to solve the complex challenge of connecting to any industrial asset or data source, collecting and analyzing asset data at the source and then sharing valuable edge data with enterprise systems. OT and IT teams trust our platform to deliver the critical data they need to enable real-time edge computing to improve asset and process uptime, performance and quality.

Step-by-Step Platform Demo

  • Take a sneak peek of our platform architecture.
  • Listen to our experts as they geek out on the features customers have asked for.
  • Watch them put prebuilt drivers, workflows and solutions to work and how easy it is.

Do More With Data With One Platform

Litmus Edge creates a data layer that makes IIoT more accessible on the factory floor and across the enterprise so you can focus on what matters most for your business. With Litmus Edge Manager, you also get a centralized management and orchestration layer for device, data, application and ML model management at any scale across plants and geographies.

LE Platform

Pick Your Own Deployment Model

Bare metal at the Edge

Run Litmus Edge as an OS directly on bare-metal hardware such as an embedded x86-64 or ARM (Beta) PC or a gateway. Create an air gap between your OT asset and IT systems. This deployment model is ideal if you need to:

  • Connect with the industrial asset using a physical interfacing solution such as CAN, RS232, or RS485
  • Keep computing resources close to the asset for specific advanced lower latency and standalone use cases

Plant-level at the Edge

Connect to your plant floor in a secure way with Litmus Edge running outside your enterprise network. An ideal model if you want your local IT team to manage the deployment.

  • Run as an OS on any gateway, VM or local server.
  • Connect to any system or machine directly or via the local network.
  • Run your centralized management instance on-premise too.


Get the maximum flexibility with a hybrid model – at the edge and in the cloud. Your local IT manages the edge while enterprise IT manages devices, security and infrastructure from the cloud.

  • Use Litmus Edge as your edge compute platform.
  • Run your centralized management instance  in the cloud.
  • Tighten security from edge to cloud.



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