One Industrial IoT Edge platform to collect and analyze data, build and run applications, and integrate edge data with any cloud or enterprise system

Litmus Edge is the only Industrial IoT Edge platform that connects to all assets – PLC, SCADA, MES, Historian, sensors, ERP and more – and provides a complete data picture to improve operations. From data collection and analytics, to building and running custom applications, to data integration and management, Litmus is an all-in-one Industrial IoT Edge platform that is easy-to-use and deploy, offering everything you need to improve industrial operations at scale. What is the Edge?

  • One Platform

    Litmus Edge is the only Industrial IoT Edge platform that unifies data collection and edge analytics with enterprise data integration and application enablement.
  • Edge Connectivity

    With 250+ pre-built drivers, Litmus can connect to any asset out-of-the-box. It collects and structures data into a common format ready for use by edge and enterprise applications.
  • Data Intelligence

    Litmus offers data visualizations, analytics and KPIs for predictive maintenance, OEE and more. Data can be shared with any cloud or big data system for machine learning.
  • Deploy Applications

    With the ability to build, deploy and run pre-built and custom applications at the edge, Litmus enables dozens of use cases such as process control, traceability and vision systems.
  • Flexible and Scalable

    Litmus Edge is easy to deploy with no programming required, is flexible enough to work alongside any existing OT or IT system and can scale to any number of assets or sites with ease.
  • Rapid Time-to-Value

    Purpose-built for industry, Litmus Edge ships with 250+ drivers, pre-built analytics, applications and data integrations, enabling our customers to measure time-to-value in days.

How Litmus Edge Works

Litmus Edge is a purpose-built Industrial IoT Edge platform that combines all the capabilities needed to rapidly and securely connect all edge devices at scale. Once all devices are connected, Litmus Edge enables robust analytics and real-time data visualizations, access to a marketplace of pre-populated applications, as well as bi-directional data integration between edge and enterprise systems. Litmus is easy to use and easy to deploy, offering the edge connectivity and data intelligence needed to power industrial use cases ranging from predictive maintenance to machine learning. What is the Edge?

Litmus Edge
Litmus Edge
  • Device Connectivity

    Quickly connect to any industrial asset – PLC, DCS, SCADA, Historian, sensor or ERP – with 250+ pre-loaded drivers and no programming required.

  • Data Collection

    Collect and normalize hundreds of custom data points from any number of assets into one standard format for consumption by any application.

  • Edge Analytics

    Monitor real-time asset data, set up alerts and utilize ready analytics based on common KPIs such as uptime, downtime, anomaly detection and more.

  • Application Enablement

    Host and access public or private applications in a centralized repository with the ability to rapidly and securely deploy and run applications at the edge.

  • Data Integration

    Immediately feed valuable and ready-to-use data to any cloud or enterprise application to achieve a complete data picture from OT to IT.

  • Machine Learning Runtime

    Feed machine learning models with normalized data and complete the feedback loop by running the new models at the asset for continuous optimization.