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Discover the power of the Litmus Industrial DataOps Suite, designed to make Industrial DataOps accessible and scalable for manufacturers of every scale. Our flexible packages ensure quick deployment and cost-effective scaling of your Industrial DataOps initiatives. With support for unlimited nodes and pricing structured around the number of sites and data points, we make it easier than ever to integrate advanced data management into your production processes. Get in touch with our sales team today to unlock the full potential of your data.


For teams that are looking to unlock their plant floor data.

Starts at 1250$/month


  • Native Protocol Drivers to Connect with 250+ type of OT Systems
  • Industrial Data Collection (PLCs, DCS, Hisotrians, OPCDA, OPCUA and more)
  • Automated Data Normalization (JSON) & Data Quality Assurance
  • Data Contextualization Engine
  • Edge Data Storage (Inbuilt Time-series Storage)
  • Edge Metadata Management
  • Native Edge Message Broker
  • Edge Workflows
  • Alerts, Events + Triggers
  • Native Cloud + Enterprise Connectivity
  • Compliant OPC-UA Server for local data integration
  • One Containerized Application


For teams that are looking to do more with their data at enterprise scale.

Starts at 2100$/month

Everything in Foundation, plus:

  • Ready Analytics & Manufacturing KPIs calculations
  • Edge AI/ML model Serving and Edge Inference
  • Statistical Functions & scripting Environment
  • Private Applications Marketplace
  • Bring your own containerized apps
  • SparkplugB Connectivity


For teams that are looking for advanced enterprise-scale management and features like digital twins.

Everything in Growth, plus:

  • Developers SDKs & API Portal
  • Complex SSO, SAML and Role-Based Access Control modules
  • Flexible Deployment Models
  • Digital Twins
  • ARM64-Based Deployment with Containers
  • Redhat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) & Secure OS Based Deployment [Private Beta]
  • SIEM Security Integrations

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