Single point of control for large-scale Litmus Edge deployments

Litmus Edge Manager provides a single point of control to manage and aggregate data from any number of edge devices, providing users with a complete picture of edge devices, applications and deployments. Litmus Edge Manager allows users to create, orchestrate, manage and update any containerized application from the cloud or data center level to Litmus Edge.

Centralized Management

Achieve a single point of control for all Litmus Edge deployments at any number of sites to centrally manage devices, data and applications.

Mass Deployments

Mass provision and reduce the complexities of large-scale Litmus Edge deployments over the entire edge lifecycle across any number of production lines or sites.

Data Center or Cloud

Install Litmus Edge Manager in a local data center or the cloud to share dashboards and analytics with anyone across the business to eliminate data silos and enable additional use cases.

How Litmus Edge Manager Works

Litmus Edge Manager delivers centralized control for any number of Litmus Edge deployments. Manage the device lifecycle with flexible application options leading to enterprise-level visibility for intelligence from the edge.

Litmus Edge Manager
Litmus Edge Manager
Data Integration

Integrate data from across the entire group of Litmus Edge deployments into big data lakes or enterprise systems with one connection using a built-in message broker.

Digital Twins and Data Models

Bring in and manage any digital twin or data model to structure the data associated with an asset, then dockerize the model to take action.

Application Orchestration

Create a containerized application, then deploy, manage, and update it to any number of Litmus Edge deployments and manage them at the edge.

Data Storage and Visualization

Quickly generate dashboards and KPI reports with a configurable user interface to visualize real-time data across all devices and factories.

Edge Device Management

Connect any number of Litmus Edge deployments for extensive device management capabilities including device bootstrapping, remote management, mass configurations and more.

Edge Deployment Management

Create the ideal Litmus Edge configuration on one production line, then use Litmus Edge Manager to create a template to recreate it on any number of lines or sites.