Single point of control for large-scale Litmus Edge deployments

Litmus Edge Manager simplifies the management of large-scale Litmus Edge deployments. From device health monitoring, to device deployment and configuration, to data and marketplace application orchestration – Litmus Edge Manager reduces device lifecycle management complexity.

Litmus Edge Manager
Litmus Edge Manager
  • Manage any number of edge devices in one central location

    Collect data from any modern or legacy device and then use Litmus Edge Manager to manage the complete lifecycle of all devices from bootstrap to replacement. Save time and money by making over-the-air updates and remote configurations to all edge devices.

  • Store and manage data for analytics and visualization

    Access normalized data from your Litmus Edge devices to visualize and run analytics in Edge Manager. Integrate edge data with cloud and big data applications to run advanced analytics and machine learning models that can then be applied back to edge devices.

  • Monitor and act on data intelligence in real-time

    Monitor the health of edge devices remotely and use Litmus Edge Manager to take actions immediately when necessary. Set up notifications, alerts, incident management and automated actions for any number of edge devices to enhance IIoT deployments at any scale.

  • Create, deploy, manage, and update edge applications

    Litmus Edge Manager allows users to create, orchestrate, manage and update any containerized application to Litmus Edge from the cloud or data center level to the Edge. Manage the health of applications, check logs, and manage multiple applications together for improved system health.

How Litmus Edge Manager Works

Litmus Edge Manager delivers centralized control for any number of Litmus Edge deployments. Manage the device lifecycle with flexible application options leading to enterprise-level visibility for intelligence from the edge.

Litmus Edge Manager
Litmus Edge Manager
  • Connect and Manage Edge Devices

    Connect any number of Litmus Edge deployments to Edge Manager for extensive device management capabilities including device bootstrapping, remote management, over-the-air updates, mass configurations and more.

  • Marketplace management

    Create, deploy, manage, and update any containerized (Docker, OCI, and more) application to Litmus Edge. Create marketplace catalogs in Edge Manager and add applications to an enterprise wide marketplace with one click.

  • Application orchestration

    Build one application and deploy it across hundreds or even thousands of Edge devices. Managing all deployments from a single view reduces the burden of IT resources while providing a uniform experience across the distributed enterprise.

  • Remote data collection / storage

    Data comes into Litmus Edge Manager in a normalized and standard form so it can be stored in all types of databases and cloud storage systems, or leverage our own out-of-the-box database management system.

  • Data insights and visualization

    Litmus Edge Manager includes a configurable user interface to quickly generate dashboards and KPI reports. Dashboards can easily be created to visualize real-time data across all devices and factories.

  • Built-in data integration

    Integrate data from across the entire group of Litmus Edge deployments into big data lakes or enterprise systems using our built-in Kafka message broker.  Kafka is used to build real-time data pipelines.