Enterprise-Grade Industrial IoT at the Edge

Litmus is the only Industrial IoT platform that connects to all OT assets and puts machine data to work at the edge. With industry leading capabilities – pre-built drivers to connect to 250+ devices, one-click data integration to over 20 enterprise and cloud systems, and an edge computing platform to run analytics, applications and machine learning models at the data source – Litmus is the edge solution trusted by Google Cloud, Dell Technologies, HPE and other global Fortune 500 companies.

Fastest Way to Connect to Every OT Asset

Connect to over 250 OT assets out-of-the-box with no programming.

Make Data-Driven Decisions at the Edge

Use real-time data to make operational improvements at the data source.

Share Edge Data with Cloud Systems

Securely send OT data to data lake, cloud, enterprise and ML systems.

One Platform, Many Solutions

Industrial IoT

Litmus is a secure, robust and easy-to-deploy platform for Industrial IoT. Create a seamless flow of data from edge-to-cloud to activate any IIoT use case.

  • Collect time-series data from edge assets
  • Process and analyze OT data at the edge
  • Send valuable data to OT and IT teams

Smart Manufacturing

Litmus is purpose-built to collect and analyze machine data for Smart Manufacturing. Achieve the data connectivity needed to optimize production at scale.

  • Deploy next to assets on the shop floor
  • Visualize real-time and historical data across all sites
  • Improve visibility, uptime, performance and quality

Edge Computing

Litmus rapidly connects to any data source to activate Edge Computing. Collect, analyze and share edge data to keep operations running as planned.

  • Simple, secure on-premise deployment
  • Analyze data at the edge for immediate impact
  • Fuel data models and run them at the edge

Machine Learning

Litmus is a robust platform that collects and feeds Machine Learning applications with complete data. Run trained models back at the edge for improved processes.

  • Connect to every asset for a complete data picture
  • Send data to machine learning applications
  • Complete the feedback loop by running models at the edge

Predictive Maintenance

Litmus powers Predictive Maintenance by harnessing the power of machine data to understand the behavior that results in failure and keep assets running as planned.

  • Monitor assets in real-time with maintenance KPIs
  • Improve response time and act at the source
  • Integrate with cloud applications for predictive maintenance


Litmus is ideal for OEE improvement because the platform makes it simple to gather the right data quickly, visualize it, and act on it to make improvements at scale.

  • Collect data from all assets at scale in just minutes
  • Out-of-the-box KPIs for fast OEE calculation
  • Improve uptime, performance and quality scores

Condition Monitoring

The Litmus platform is built for Condition Monitoring, providing connectivity to all assets and collecting the data points needed to see how assets are performing.

  • Capture basic machine health data from every machine
  • Calculate asset utilization and uptime with ease
  • Exploit equipment investment and optimize performance

Learn How Litmus Can Help You

OT Teams

We empower the people at the edge to observe, understand and act on machine data.

IT Teams

We give IT teams complete control over secure edge-to-cloud data flow and application deployment.

Data Teams

We allow data teams to run analytics and build data models based on complete operational data.

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