Harness the edge data needed to power smart manufacturing, Industrial IoT, machine learning and more

Industry 4.0 companies that leverage edge data to improve visibility, uptime and performance are more agile, responsive and able to optimize operations at scale. Litmus puts data in the hands of the people who need it to monitor assets in real-time, analyze and visualize trends and anomalies, and send data to enterprise and big data systems to understand and predict asset failure and downtime.

One platform to collect, analyze, integrate and manage data at the edge and across the enterprise

Our edge platform provides everything Industry 4.0 companies need to collect and analyze asset data, share data with enterprise and cloud systems, and centrally manage large-scale edge deployments across multiple locations. Litmus delivers the data connectivity to enable Smart Manufacturing, Industrial IoT, Machine Learning and more.

Webinar: How to Enable Machine Learning for Industry
Webinar: How to Enable Machine Learning for Industry

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