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The first ever UNS with an enterprise-grade MQTT broker at its core, easy-to-build multilevel data hierarchy and data enrichment features. It has built-in advanced security paving the path for data governance, supports multisite orchestration and more. Whether you use it standalone or to get even more out of Litmus Edge as part of your Industrial DataOps strategy.

MQTT Broker

The enterprise edition of our MQTT broker that sits at the core of Litmus UNS is FREE for all Private Beta users. Thank you for your overwhelming initial interest – we're excited too!

If you’re a Litmus UNS Private Beta participant and have questions about it or your Industrial DataOps strategy in general, please contact us for support at [email protected]

Imagine MQTT without delays, data loss and scaling challenges – now imagine setting up your UNS in under 30 minutes. Register for the webinar to see Litmus UNS in action.

Allow Pub/Sub communication​

Bridge the OT/IT Gap with Seamless
Data Exchange

Do your OT and IT systems struggle to communicate? Litmus UNS acts as your central broker, enabling effortless data exchange via the widely adopted MQTT protocol. Publish data from OT systems and subscribe from IT applications, breaking down information silos and streamlining operations. No more vendor lock-in or complex configurations, just smooth data flow between every part of your organization.

Data Hierarchy

Organize Your Industrial Data with Flexible Hierarchies
Forget rigid, vendor-specific data structures. Litmus UNS gives you the freedom to define and manage your data hierarchy exactly the way you need it.Build flexible and scalable structures that reflect your unique operational needs, regardless of underlying systems or protocols. Break free from limitations and gain complete control over your industrial data organization.

Data Standardization

Ensure Data Consistency and Quality with Powerful Standardization

In today’s heterogeneous OT environments, data inconsistency can be a major challenge. Litmus UNS tackles this head-on with robust data standardization capabilities. Define precise data schemas, enforce validation rules, and ensure every data point adheres to your defined standards. Reduce errors, simplify integration, and gain valuable insights from reliable, consistent data across your entire system.

Core MQTT Features Industrial DataOps Expect

High Performance

Scale over a million messages per second seamlessly.  


Built-in authentication and authorization.


Native high availability and clustering. 


Out-of-the-box SSL/TLS support.

Day 2 Ready

Deploy Anywhere

VM, Docker, Kubernetes Operator and all cloud images.

An MQTT Broker Optimized for IIoT

Robust Failover + Aggressive Recovery

With built-in logic for failover through clustering, Litmus MQTT automatically routes messages and data traffic to a new node.

Zero Message Loss Guarantee

Litmus MQTT guarantees to deliver your data without losing any on its way from the edge to the cloud. Set priority queues for all messages – LIFO or FIFO.

Low Resource Consumption

57% less RAM and CPU resources consumed vs. other enterprise MQTT solutions at 1M messages/second. 51% less at 100K messages/second.

SparkplugB Aware + OPCUA Pubsub Validated

Connect and collect data easily, regardless of protocol or vendor with Litmus MQTT – supporting both SparkPlugB and OPCUA PubSub.

Embrace Data Governance with Litmus UNS

Enhanced Visibility

Gain a centralized view of your entire data landscape, understanding data flow, access rights, and usage patterns. Make informed decisions with complete transparency.

Auditable Compliance

Easily meet industry regulations and internal compliance requirements with comprehensive audit trails and granular access control mechanisms.

Scalable Foundation

Grow with confidence as your data volumes and operational complexity increase. Litmus UNS is built to handle the demands of even the largest industrial environments.

Simple + Scalable Pricing


Everything you need to build MQTT-based applications.
$ 0 For Private Beta Participants. Limited Seats.
  • Seamless migration from existing MQTT broker subscriptions.
  • Core MQTT Features from 3.1, 3.1.1 and 5.0 Support.
  • High Availability, Auto Discovery & Clustering.
  • Failover, Autoscaling (Only in K8S Version)
  • Built-in Authentication & Authorization.
  • Control Panel from Web UI, APIs (Coming Soon).

Enterprise +

Designed for advanced users managing and aggregating data from large # of sites. Included for free with the the Litmus Scale plan.
TBD Get in touch with us for pricing information.
  • Everything in Enterprise Plan.
  • UNS and Data Architecture
  • Multisite MQTT broker.
  • Data Governance, Schema Registry, and Data Manipulation
  • Topic Orchestration - create, delete, manage, filter, route, access control.
  • 24 x 7 support for all Litmus Edge users
  • All Litmus Edge users wil receive an invite to the Enterprise + plan.
Included in Litmus Scale Plan

Deploy Litmus UNS Where You Want To

All Cloud Platforms

Litmus UNS is available on Azure, AWS and Google Cloud Marketplaces as virtual machine images.

On-Prem + Industrial Sites

Litmus UNS can be deployed in a local VM cluster running on the plant floor.

Native Edge + Cloud

Get started with a Kubernetes Helm chart and Kubernetes Operator (coming soon) to scale.

Easily Send Your Data to the Cloud

Litmus UNS’ roadmap provides one-click integration to push data from MQTT to Kafka, Google Pubsub and AWS Kinesis and more coming soon.

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Current Litmus UNS Launch Timeline

Apply for Private Beta
September - October 2023
Mid-December to March 2024
Private Beta
Public Beta
March-April 2024
April 2024
Launch/General Availability

Highly reliable. Available everywhere. Built for Industrial DataOps.

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