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Elevate Your IIoT Expertise: Introducing Litmus Academy

Elevate Your IIoT Expertise: Introducing Litmus Academy

Litmus Academy

Staying competitive and at the forefront of innovation is paramount for manufacturers. Whether you are a seasoned professional or newcomer just getting started, Litmus has designed a platform to equip you with the necessary skills needed to navigate and excel.  

Litmus Academy is your one-stop learning destination that includes hands-on courses and a certificate program to guide you.

What’s Inside? 

Start your learning journey today with our Litmus User Certificate. It’s comprised of eleven meticulously crafted modules, each offering a learning window into Litmus Edge’s capabilities.  

In just 4 hours, you will traverse through topics that include:  

  • Introduction to Litmus Edge: A comprehensive overview welcoming newcomers to the ecosystem.
  • Operational Scaling: Insights into scaling operations efficiently for heightened productivity.
  • OEE Calculations: Understanding and applying Overall Equipment Effectiveness for optimal performance.
  • Data Visualization: Harnessing data visualization tools for actionable insights.
  • Troubleshooting: Navigating and resolving common issues effectively.
  • Machine Learning Deployment: Exploring the integration of machine learning for predictive analytics.
  • Advanced Digital Twin Use Cases: Unveiling the potential of advanced digital twins for real-time monitoring and control.

What’s more, you can complete your certificate for free, and it does not demand any prior expertise in Litmus Edge, making it accessible to anyone interested in the potential of IIoT.

Why Litmus Academy?

Litmus Academy isn’t just a platform for education; our goal is to make it a hub to foster collaboration and innovation. Going forward, Litmus Academy will continue to build a blend of interactive courses and modules, and hands-on practice, where participants emerge not just with certification, but also with the confidence and skills to drive meaningful change in their respective IIoT domains.  

Start Your Journey Today 

Unlock the potential of Litmus Edge and amplify your Industry 4.0 prowess—enroll today and shape your IIoT future with confidence. 


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