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Get started or skill up - Litmus Edge Certification​

Whether you are just getting started or well on your way to being a Litmus
Edge expert, Litmus Academy is your one-stop destination to skill up and
continue learning. In just 4 hours, explore modules covering diverse aspects such as setting up Litmus Edge, navigating its sections, operational scaling, OEE calculations, data visualization, and more.

Who's it for?

Whether you’re an industry professional or a curious mind eager to delve into IIoT data solutions, Litmus Academy is designed to empower learners at every level.

The Litmus Edge User Certificate is tailored for both existing users seeking to deepen their understanding and newcomers interested in exploring the world of Litmus Edge. This entry-level program doesn’t demand any prior expertise in Litmus Edge, making it accessible to anyone intrigued by the potential of industrial IoT.

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What's Included

With eleven modules and four hours of learning, the Litmus Edge certification covers in-depth topics about Litmus Edge, the industry, how to troubleshoot, deploying machine learning, advanced use cases for digital twins, setting up architecture for IIoT solutions and much more.

Start your Litmus Edge learning journey today.