One Industrial IoT Edge platform to collect, analyze and integrate factory data with Google Cloud

Manufacturers come to Litmus looking for the fastest way to connect to their assets and send data to the cloud. A unified Industrial IoT Edge platform enables the seamless flow of ready-to-use machine data from the edge to the cloud and back again so Litmus can help customers realize the full value of Google Cloud for smart manufacturing.

  • Collect Data from All Machines Across All Locations

    Machine learning models are only as good as the data that feeds them – which is why manufacturers need access to good, complete data. With the largest set of pre-built drivers of any platform, Litmus can collect and integrate data from any system or machine – PLC, DCS, CNC, SCADA, Historian or sensor – at any number of sites.

  • Send Ready-to-Use Machine Data to Google Cloud

    Litmus collects and normalizes all machine data into one standard format for immediate consumption by Google Cloud. Instead of integrating raw data, Litmus both structures and analyzes the data at the edge to drive faster insights and more value for building models.

  • Enable Condition-Based Monitoring, Predictive Maintenance and Machine Learning

    Litmus and Google Cloud work together for a seamless flow of data that activates advanced use cases. Manufacturers often start rapidly with condition-based monitoring, then progress to predictive analytics, and eventually fuel machine learning and AI models with a complete data picture. Litmus can run those models back at the edge to complete the cycle and continually improve the operational workflow.

  • Unmatched ROI and Time-to-Value

    Litmus + Google Cloud is an integrated edge-to-cloud solution that puts factory data to work quickly to activate high-value smart manufacturing use cases. The solution scales easily, so manufacturers can prove out ROI on one production line, then to multiple lines and sites across the enterprise with ease. Customers can realize value from day one for both their OT and IT teams.

The Litmus Industrial IoT Edge Platform

Our flexible and scalable Industrial IoT Edge platform is built for any Industry 4.0 initiative or use case – from OEE and asset condition monitoring to predictive maintenance and machine learning. Litmus provides the device connectivity, edge analytics, application deployment, and data integration necessary for complete edge-to-cloud data flow at scale.

Predictive Maintenance

Litmus for Predictive Maintenance provides the asset data collection, analytics and machine learning needed to reduce unplanned downtime and increase the efficiency of maintenance activities.

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Asset Condition Monitoring

Litmus for Asset Condition Monitoring helps companies collect, analyze, manage and integrate asset data to take the guesswork out of asset condition and fully exploit equipment investment.

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Litmus for OEE harnesses the critical data buried with assets at the edge to dramatically simplify the calculation of Overall Equipment Effectiveness and optimize throughput, increase quality and improve performance.

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Edge Computing

Litmus for Edge Computing is purpose-built to connect to any industrial asset or data source, analyze and visualize data at the edge, and quickly and easily share valuable edge data with enterprise systems.

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Industrial IoT

Litmus for IIoT allows manufacturers to connect to any asset, collect and analyze data, integrate with cloud and big data applications for advanced analytics, then run the models back at the edge for continuous improvement.

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Smart Manufacturing

Litmus for Smart Manufacturing is an all-in-one edge platform deployed next to the assets to collect, analyze, manage and integrate real-time data from the factory floor to meet business needs across the organization.

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