Litmus Edge connects devices, machines, controllers, and sensors with no programming. It collects, processes and analyzes data at the source, providing operators with the critical and timely visibility needed to be more agile and responsive to potential downtime and business risks.

Data Connectivity

Litmus Edge connects and collects data from any asset out-of-the-box – PLC, DCS, SCADA, Historian, sensor or ERP – and provides visualizations for a complete view of the shop floor. Data is processed and structured into a common format, ready for use by any cloud or enterprise application.


Purpose-built analytics and pre-built KPIs dramatically reduce manual setup and configuration time. Access ready analytics for asset utilization, asset uptime and downtime, capacity utilization and more. Setup up real-time alerts to take action at the data source based on pre-defined events.


Litmus Edge offers a Marketplace that can be used to dramatically simplify how applications, solutions and services are managed and deployed at the edge. Access 45+ preloaded applications, or build custom applications and publish them to a private or public marketplace.


Easily publish data from the edge directly into Azure, AWS, SAP and other cloud, big data and enterprise applications by configuring connectors from Litmus Edge. Data from these enterprise systems can also be pushed back to industrial devices enabling true edge-to-anywhere-and-back data connectivity.