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Working Smarter, Not Harder Launching an expanded library of Litmus Edge integrations.

Working Smarter, Not Harder  Launching an expanded library of Litmus Edge integrations. 

In the world of Industrial IoT, the more seamlessly you can connect with different systems, devices, data, and third-party software platforms, the more powerful your operations. In our never-ending quest to help decrease time to deploy and maximize efficiency, we’ve brought together some of the most loved tools and integrations to help make Industry 4.0 a reality.  

Our pre-built integrations make it that much easier to achieve real-time decision making, cost efficiency, increased security, and ease of data communication from the edge to the cloud. Now available, Litmus Edge users can access the following northbound integrations at no additional cost, within the platform.  

Snowflake: Effortlessly analyze large datasets to spot trends, uncover hidden patterns, and optimize operations. Share industrial data and insights seamlessly with other applications inside and outside your organization. 

Red Hat: Allows developers to build, deploy, and operate resilient applications at scale, get richer insights, and improve root-cause analysis. 

Kafa Confluent: Allows high throughput and low latency data streaming, enabling real-time data processing and analytics—particularly useful for large-scale and time-sensitive IoT applications. 

Azure IoT Edge: Build resilient and reliable edge applications with automated recovery. It also simplifies deployment and management of applications with more streamlined processes. 

Microsoft Event Grid: Initiate pre-defined workflows based on specific event types and transmit operational data and insights to monitoring tools and dashboards.  

GCP Anthos/Edge: Provides scalable data storage and secure backups of your industrial operations data. Also simplifies application deployment of containerized IIoT applications at the edge.  

AWS S3: Seamlessly send and store, at scale, any kind of industrial data from the plant floor to the entire enterprise.  

AWS IoT Sitewise: Send asset models from Litmus Edge and process insights to AWS IoT Sitewise to gain a deeper understanding of equipment behavior and improve operational efficiency, reduce data transfer costs, and optimize cloud utilization. 

Cognite: Ideal for low-latency operations at the industrial edge enabling immediate response for time-critical applications. Send rich and contextualized data to reduce infrastructure costs and increase system performance in low-bandwidth conditions. 

These integrations are available now in Litmus Edge. Don’t have Litmus Edge? Click here to get a free trial today.  

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