With support for hundreds of protocols and devices, ready analytics, and an intuitive interface out-of-the-box, you can realize value in minutes instead of months or even years. Whether you call it Industry 4.0, Industrial IoT, or Digital Transformation, Litmus removes the complexity of setup, configuration, and management for rapid time-to-value.

Why Litmus
Why Litmus


Only Litmus can collect data from any PLC, DCS, CNC, sensor, or historian with actionable analytics to proactively manage machine uptime, performance, and maintenance. With simple and secure data integration to IoT Clouds, Big Data systems, and enterprise applications and databases, Litmus provides the true edge-to-cloud intelligence companies demand.

Why Litmus
Why Litmus

The need for IIOT is Real

Over 80 percent of Industrial Manufacturing Companies are adopting IoT. Why? Because they realize the significant value that can be gained from intelligence at the edge for real-time and predictive maintenance. Industrial IoT can reduce unplanned outages by 50 percent, reduce maintenance costs by 20 percent, and increase asset productivity by 20 percent.

  • 50%

    Reduction in unplanned outages

  • 20%

    Reduction in maintenance costs

  • 20%

    Increase is asset productivity

  • $100k

    Cost of downtime per hour

Why Companies Trust Litmus

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    Litmus practices a customer-centric product development approach by incorporating trusted customers into our design and development process. Every new product and feature has been requested by our customers so we know we are solving the challenges they see in the field.

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    Instead of offering generic IoT solutions, we focus on the industrial market to provide a ready-made solution that works from day one. We’ve done the hard work with drivers, KPIs, and integration to Cloud and business applications so you can hit the ground running.

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    Not every industrial company has an IoT expert on staff. In fact, most don’t. Litmus does all of the hard work so the plant manager can simply install Litmus Edge, connect a variety of machines with no coding, and then start collecting data in minutes. The system is simple and has security built-in at every step.

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    One of the most important considerations in an edge computing platform is easy integration with cloud and business applications. We integrate with AWS, Azure, Splunk, SAP and more, so our customers can keep the technology they have, add Litmus Edge, and realize value immediately.

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    Technology moves quickly, but so do we. We’re adding features to our products almost daily in order to keep up with the possibilities in the market. The next generation of IIoT is in machine learning and artificial intelligence, and we are already poised to help our customers achieve those goals.

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    In addition to our amazing team of IIoT experts, we’ve partnered with the best companies in our field to offer customers complete solutions they can feel comfortable with. We’ve done the vetting work for you so you can rest assured the complete solution will bring intelligence to the edge.