Build Your UNS In 30 Min – With Litmus UNS

Litmus MQTT Broker - Data Engine

Tired of siloed data, fragmented insights, and the ‘joys’ of vendor lock-in? You’re not alone. The IT-OT landscape is a tangled mess, making it tough to unlock the true potential of your data for operational excellence and game-changing decision-making. 

Enter the Unified Namespace (UNS): your chance to break free and build a unified data foundation for your Industrial DataOps journey. But designing a UNS can be tricky, with hidden pitfalls, confusing choices, and a sea of ‘me-too’ tools promising the moon and delivering… well, less. 

Get ready for: 

  • No-nonsense guidance: Learn the pitfalls to avoid when designing your
    UNS and the must-have features for success.
  • See the Litmus UNS in action.
  • Listen to the Ask Me Anything (AMA)