Machine learning starts with rapid, secure and scalable edge connectivity

Many companies are exploring how to leverage edge and machine learning technology to improve industrial operations at scale. This webinar will explore how Litmus, a modern edge platform, provides the critical data collection and integration needed to power advanced analytics and machine learning. Understand how Cloudera, an enterprise data platform, can ingest edge data and build machine learning models in the cloud that can be rapidly and securely deployed and run at the edge.

  • How to collect and analyze real-time data at the edge

    Learn how to connect to any data source in just minutes, then normalize and structure the data for immediate consumption by machine learning applications.

  • How to build, run and train machine learning models

    Understand how to develop, test, train, and deploy machine learning models for building predictive applications and continuous improvement.

  • How to pilot and deploy an edge-to-enterprise platform

    Hear how to successfully pilot and deploy the Litmus edge-to-enterprise platform for rapid connectivity and data intelligence to feed and run machine learning models.

What is a modern edge platform

The edge includes any asset or data source used in manufacturing, oil and gas, energy, transportation and other industries. A modern edge platform is deployed next to the assets, designed to collect and analyze data at the source so companies can take action with zero latency. A modern edge platform is the fastest way to enable machine learning by providing the critical data connectivity needed to build, deploy, run and train machine learning models at the edge. With always-on data connectivity, data models can be continuously updated and trained as new insights and intelligence are discovered over time.

Meet The Speakers

The Litmus + Cloudera edge-to-cloud platform is purpose-built to enable machine learning use cases. Damian Smektala and Marc Dekker of Litmus and Michael Ger and Santiago Giraldo Anduaga of Cloudera have unparalleled industry experience educating and deploying edge-to-cloud solutions with customers. Hear the lessons they have learned and the successes they have seen in the market as they lead a practical, hands-on webinar that will give attendees the tools they need to deploy a modern edge platform for machine learning at scale.

  • Damian Smektala

    Director, Sales North America at Litmus

  • Michae Ger

    Managing Director, Manufacturing and Automotive at Cloudera

  • Marc Dekker

    Senior Technical Deployment Manager at Litmus

  • Santiago Giraldo

    Senior Product Marketing Manager, Machine Learning at Cloudera

Original Air Date - Tuesday, December 8 at 11:00 AM EST

How to Enable Machine Learning for Industry

Watch this interactive webinar on how to deploy an edge-to-cloud solution for industry that collects and integrates data for both instant analytics and to integrate with Cloudera for advanced analytics and machine learning.