A flexible and scalable Industrial IoT Edge platform that is easy to use and deploy

Companies that invest in a flexible, scalable Industrial IoT Edge platform that is easy to deploy, can connect to any asset, collect and analyze data, as well as integrate data with cloud and big data applications for advanced analytics and machine learning will maximize the value and benefit of Industrial IoT. OT and IT teams trust Litmus to deliver the critical data they need to enable Industrial IoT and improve asset and process uptime, performance and quality.

All-in-one IIoT Edge platform deployed at the data source

One platform to collect, normalize, analyze and take action on real-time data from any asset to meet business needs across the organization with one single solution. Connect to any asset with 250+ pre-loaded drivers and no programming, then perform ready analytics at the edge and send data to the cloud for further processing.

Pre-built analytics and real-time data visualizations

Bring immediate value to the OT team with instant analytics and pre-built dashboards and KPIs such as asset utilization, uptime/downtime and more. Analyze asset data, push it to the cloud, into data lakes, or to an enterprise application, then back to the asset for anywhere-to-anywhere data movement.

Accelerate development with docker-powered apps and centralized management

Enable one-click application orchestration and deploy docker container-based applications from a public or private application marketplace. Make sure the entire project runs smoothly and can scale across multiple facilities with a single point of control to manage the lifecycle of edge computing devices from bootstrap to replacement.

Build on existing investments and enable dozens of use cases

Work with existing systems to protect previous investments such as SCADA or Historian. Tap into existing technology, add a layer of intelligence, and then act on the data for immediate results. With the data platform in place, enable any Industrial IoT use case such as OEE, asset condition monitoring, predictive maintenance or machine learning.

Integrate data with enterprise, cloud and big data applications

Make decisions based on a complete data picture. Analyze both real-time and historical data to improve processes and guide predictive maintenance. Easily send the data to third-party cloud, big data or enterprise applications for further processing. Satisfy the IT team with a clear path to OT data for enterprise-wide improvement.

The Litmus Edge Data Platform

Litmus Edge is the Edge Data Platform purpose-built for Industry 4.0 use cases including OEE, asset condition monitoring, predictive maintenance, and machine learning. From data collection and machine analytics to application enablement and data integration, Litmus is a complete Edge Data Platform platform that is rapid-to-deploy and easy-to-use, offering everything you need to improve operations at scale.

Get Started With Litmus

Working with Litmus is fast and easy, we can help any industrial company derive value from the edge immediately for improved operational efficiency. Contact us to start your digital transformation today.