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CAN Raw (Gen1)

CAN Raw (Gen1)

    Facilitates support to CAN Bus 2.0A and CAN Bus 2.0B series.

Key Benefits of Litmus Edge and HPE CAN Raw Industrial Connectors

1. Get out-of-the-box industrial connectivity in a few clicks at no additional cost.

2. Enable powerful edge analytics and ready-to-use operational KPIs.

3. Lay the foundation for centralized, remote monitoring and management of industrial assets with secure, cross-platform integrations.

How To Get Started

  • 1.
    Set up and configure the PLC device.
  • 2.
    Set up the PLC Device in Litmus Edge.
  • 3.
    Configure the registers.

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Key Benefits of Litmus Edge and CAN Raw Industrial Connectors

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