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ABB Totalflow DB2 (Gen1)

ABB Totalflow DB2 (Gen1)

    Compatible with ABB 6000 series FCU, MicroFLO, XSeriesG3 and XseriesG4.

Key Benefits of Litmus Edge and ABB Industrial Connectors

1. Get out-of-the-box industrial connectivity in a few clicks at no additional cost.

2. Enable powerful edge analytics and ready-to-use operational KPIs.

3. Lay the foundation for centralized, remote monitoring and management of industrial assets with secure, cross-platform integrations.

How To Get Started

  • 1.
    Set up and configure the PLC device.
  • 2.
    Set up the PLC Device in Litmus Edge.
  • 3.
    Configure the registers.

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Key Benefits of Litmus Edge and ABB Industrial Connectors

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