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Litmus Edge simplifies compliance and risk management

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Introducing Compliance and Risk KPI on Litmus Edge

Compliance and risk KPIs are effective leading indicators to operational efficiency, quality of finished goods, and overall risk profile of a manufacturing plant. Litmus Edge has added a Compliance and Risk KPI to the Analytics pane of the platform to help plant operators and enterprise users alike. They can use this KPI to view in real-time the number of defective parts, percentage of defective parts in comparison to the total parts produced, and resulting production loss.

How does the Compliance and Risk KPI work in Litmus Edge?

The Compliance and Risk KPI is set as a function processor in the platform. What that means is when you are creating an analytics flow, you can enable the Compliance and Risk function along with a few other optional functions. See the Processor Flow Parameters for more information.

The Compliance metric shows the number of non-defective units or the units that pass the quality assurance test. Event triggers can be set for multiple scenarios such as machine failure, defective units, failed regulation, and so on to calculate the number of units that are compliant to the accepted quality standards.

The Production Loss metric shows the realized loss by taking the number of defect units into consideration. This metric also has a timer interval that "looks" for this metric at every set interval.

Next steps

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