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We simplify Industrial Data complexity and make it more accessible. Our team brings together experts across the globe to help customers manage, scale and optimize their business with data-driven decisions. Digital transformation is a reality we strive for – doing more with data to drive growth for our clients.

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Our Mission

We were founded because we experienced first-hand that there was a better and easier way to harness the power of industrial data. In fact, it was essential to make the promise of Industry 4.0 more attainable. Today, nearly ten years later, we bring together engineers, manufacturing veterans, cloud experts, developers and software go-to-market pros across three offices globally, and home offices in-between, united in this mission. Everyday, we aim to make Industry 4.0 more accessible by simplifying the complexity of scaling industrial data initiatives. Together, our Litmus Industrial DataOps Suite, team and worldwide network of cloud, software, hardware and services partners help customers more intelligently manage, scale, and optimize their industrial operations with data-driven decisions. Digital transformation is a buzzword – doing more with data to drive growth for our clients and us is a reality.

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Parth Desai Profile Image

Parth Desai

Director of Solutions & Industrials/Founding Engineer, Litmus

How Does Litmus Edge Makes Sense of My Data?

Here at Litmus, there is a common theme in the feedback we receive from our customers. How can I make sense of my raw industrial data, with all its inconsistencies and variabilities, even among identical machines on the same production line?

How Does Litmus Edge Makes Sense of My Data?
Industrial DataOps
Industry 4.0
Dave McMorran Image Profile

Dave McMorran

Director of Sales Engineering

Embracing the Unified Namespace Architecture with Litmus Edge

In manufacturing, embracing digital transformation is crucial. Litmus Edge simplifies the Unified Namespace (UNS) architecture, making it seamless to transition to digital and thrive in the modern landscape.

Embracing the Unified Namespace Architecture with Litmus Edge
Suranjeeta Choudhury Profile Picture

Suranjeeta Choudhury

Director Product Marketing and Industry Relations

Every Cloud Needs a Golden Edge: Finding the Best of Both Worlds

Edge computing moves computing power closer to data sources. It has 3 aspects: consumer, enterprise, and industrial IoT edge. An industrial edge DataOps platform provides real-time insights, analytics, and remote monitoring for industrial settings.

Every Cloud Needs a Golden Edge
Vishvesh Shah Profile Picture

Vishvesh Shah

Director of Product Management

Edge Computing and Digital Twins: A Match Made for Manufacturing

The integration of edge computing with digital twins can help address challenges faced by manufacturers. It can reduce response time, optimize data, improve security, and lower risk.

Edge Computing and Digital Twins
Digital Twins