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Litmus Edge Manager makes it easier to orchestrate Docker applications with the Marketplace Catalog features

AUTHOR: Litmus Product Team

Litmus Edge Manager is a centralized software platform that simplifies the management and orchestration of all the Litmus Edge instances running across multiple sites.

With its Marketplace Catalog features, Litmus Edge Manager enables users to create, deploy, and manage applications securely across their entire edge network - all from one place. This makes it easy for enterprise IT teams to scale application deployment quickly and efficiently, without having to worry about the underlying infrastructure.

The Marketplace Catalog comes with a default catalog of popular applications such as MongoDB, Grafana, Python and many others for reference. The catalogs have access control in place so that only authorized users based on their roles can access these applications. Users can add both public and private catalogs, and then deploy applications for various uses.

Today we are highlighting an overview of Application Releases in the Marketplace Catalog. In our upcoming articles, we will deep-dive into how to take advantage of those features.

How to create Application Releases in 3 flexible ways?

An Application Release in the Marketplace Catalog is a version of an application that can be deployed as a container on Litmus Edge. A release can be a custom-developed or a third-party application. These applications can be databases, Machine Learning models, visualization tools, integration connectors, or any other Docker applications.

The Marketplace Catalog makes it incredibly easy for enterprise teams to deploy and manage edge applications at large scale. It provides three flexible ways for different user levels to create an application release.

  • Users can leverage the simple wizard-based Containers UI to easily define multiple containers for their applications.

    • Advanced users can utilize Container Advanced or Compose to bring their applications for edge orchestration.

      • With Container Advanced users can create a container definition using all possible options provided by the docker engine ContainerCreate API.

      • With Compose users can easily migrate their existing docker-compose applications to the Marketplace Catalog.

Registry management

Registry management in a marketplace is the process of viewing, adding, and removing registry providers. Docker images of Marketplace Catalog and Applications can be pulled from the registries when deploying to Litmus Edge instances. The Marketplace Registry Management provides secure ways to authenticate with third-party registries. Users can add an AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google, or Docker container registry.

Along with many important capabilities, Litmus Edge Manager 2.11.0 also introduced the Catalog Synchronization feature that we will discuss in detail in an upcoming article.

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