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Litmus Edge Manager Enables Alerts Even When You Are Not Logged In or On-site

AUTHOR: Litmus Product Team
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In Litmus Edge Manager Release 2.9.0, we announced the availability of user alerts on edge device condition and status, sent to email, Slack, or other third-party platforms. The user can now be notified of critical information even when the user is off-site or not logged in.

  • The Litmus Edge Manager alert feature can be used to create alerts for a variety of conditions, such as high CPU usage, low disk space, and network connectivity problems.

  • Alerts can be sent to a variety of destinations, including email, Slack, and other third-party web platforms.

  • Litmus Edge Manager can also be integrated with external alert managers, for e.g., PagerDuty and OpsGenie.

  • Users can create more complex alert rules and to send notifications to a wider range of destinations.

Example scenario

  • Company A has a fleet of Litmus Edge devices deployed in remote locations. These devices collect data from sensors, process and analyze the data at the edge for near real-time actions, and send it to the cloud for Big Data analytics. The company uses Litmus Edge Manager for edge lifecycle management.

  • Joe, the plant manager creates an alarm to notify his plant operator and himself when the temperature of any edge device exceeds a certain threshold.

  • This alert is triggered by a Prometheus metric (running on Litmus Edge Manager) that collects the temperature of each device. The event, in this case occurs when the Prometheus metric for the temperature of any device exceeds the threshold. This can happen if there is a problem with the device's cooling system or if the device is located in a hot environment.

  • When the alert is triggered, Litmus Edge Manager sends a notification to the company's Slack channel. This notification includes the name of the device that is overheating, the current temperature, and the threshold that was exceeded.


By using the Litmus Edge Manager alert feature, Joe is able to quickly identify and respond to problems with his edge devices. This helps him to prevent downtime, potentially saving thousands of dollars and avoiding upstream supply chain challenges.

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