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Launching the Edge Historian (OSI) Agent

AUTHOR: Litmus Product Team

Litmus Edge continues to advance its ecosystem support with the recently launched beta version of the Edge Historian Agent (aka OSI Agent) in Litmus Edge 3.5.5. This OSI Agent can connect to an OSI-DH Historian Server, a popular historian server solution. The OSI-DH Historian Server is common among oil and gas, power, chemical, and water system industrial users, along with typical manufacturing users. With this agent, Litmus Edge is enabling customers beyond manufacturing to do more at the industrial edge.

How does the OSI Agent work?

Customers typically have an OSI server running in a Windows machine. The Litmus Edge OSI agent can be installed as an executable file that runs as a Windows service in the same Windows machine, which hosts the OSI server. The agent has been designed as a service to eventually support multithread processes for higher performance and throughput.

The current release is a beta release, which is a single thread and can support up to 100 tags at once. The agent has two parts:

  • A simple UI that provides a step-by-step guide to connect to the OSI Server.

  • A Windows service that is available through the Windows Task Manager

Litmus Edge 3.5.5 now has an OSI Agent driver. Litmus Edge connects to the OSI Agent through the OSI Agent driver. Once connected, customers can use Litmus Edge for all their OT data sources, including OSI servers now. The rest of the functionalities in Litmus Edge are fully available to customers based on their subscription.

How can you try it out?

Current customers can download the OSI Agent Solution and the required files (available in a ZIP file) from the Litmus Central Portal. If you are a new user, you will need to sign up at the portal here.

There are some perquisites before you begin. Detailed documentation is available through the Central Portal.

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What's next

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