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Zero-touch Deployment for Litmus Edge
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Did you know Litmus Edge supports Zero-touch provisioning?

AUTHOR: Litmus Product Team
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There are multiple configuration requirements to meet and challenges to mitigate prior to deploying an industrial edge device. When you need to deploy thousands of those edge devices, the device provisioning challenges increase by multiple folds - often times posing as barriers to scaling Industrial IoT implementations. Now, imagine the scale at which these problems compound when you need to deploy your edge devices in a remote environment such as an oil field far at sea or a tough to reach mining site.

How does zero-touch provisioning help our end-users?

Litmus Edge v3.5.2 introduced the zero-touch provisioning feature. Using this feature, Litmus and our OEM partners can pre-configure all edge devices before deployment. Litmus Edge end-users can avoid any additional configuration and provisioning requirements at their end.

Seamless end-user experience

A lot of times our end-users find themselves in an environment that does not have access to additional user interfaces (such as a keyboard, display, etc.). With the power of zero-touch provisioning, when our users boot Litmus Edge devices on-site, they are ready to go without any additional configuration - saving time, using a robust deployment strategy.

Minimal expertise required

OEM distributors can install and pre-configure thousands of Litmus Edge devices in their factory settings before shipping those devices to our end users. Zero-touch provisioning provides a quick and efficient process to implement Industrial IoT at scale. Our end-users who can be production workers in an industrial site can install the pre-configured devices with minimal expertise in deploying Litmus Edge devices.

No internet connection required

Litmus Edge end users can install and run the pre-configured devices without the need to connect to a particular network or the internet.

Before you begin

Read our extensive documentation on zero-touch provisioning.

Learn more about how to use zero-touch provisioning in your environment here.

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