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Edge Cascading With NATS

Enable seamless and efficient communication between industrial devices and applications through NATS messaging system. Litmus Edge provides pre-built connectors to send and receive data in minutes after setting up edge cascading through NATS connector.

Key Benefits of Litmus Edge and NATS Integration

1. Connect Litmus Edge to the NATS service in a few clicks. 2. Send and receive data between Litmus Edge connected industrial devices and any service on your NATS access account for further analysis and business applications. 3. Provide low latency and high performance messaging system which enables real-time data processing and responsive applications in edge computing environments.

How To Get Started

1. Create and configure a NATS server access account. 2. Select the NATS connector from an extensive list of built-in integrations to setup a client. 3. Setup your industrial devices for sending and receiving data over the connector. 4. Start exchanging data between your operational and enterprise systems within minutes.

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