The Industrial IoT Edge Platform

Litmus is an Industrial IoT Edge platform that provides the critical machine connectivity, data intelligence and application enablement needed to power Industry 4.0 and Digital Transformation. Only Litmus combines data collection, edge analytics and machine learning with centralized device management and application enablement, making it the most scalable and secure Industrial IoT Edge platform in the world. Litmus enables hundreds of uses cases and provides the tools needed to build applications for predictive maintenance, condition-based monitoring, OEE and more. Our platform is purpose built to deliver data to the people, processes and tools that need it to optimize operations at scale. What is the Edge?

  • Unified Industrial IoT Edge Platform

    Litmus provides all the edge connectivity, data intelligence and application enablement capabilities needed to improve operations at scale.
  • Seamless Edge-to-Cloud Data Intelligence

    Litmus collects, analyzes and integrates edge data with any cloud, big data or enterprise system for true edge-to-cloud intelligence.
  • Unmatched Time-to-Value and ROI

    Litmus provides out-of-the-box edge connectivity and ships with pre-built applications and analytics to deliver unmatched deployment times.
  • 2021 Industrial IoT Platforms Buyer’s Guide

    Download the 2021 Industrial IoT Platforms Buyer’s Guide to understand the building blocks for a successful edge-to-cloud IIoT solution, essential platform capabilities, and which leading vendors have the most comprehensive solutions for IIoT.

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  • How an Industrial IoT Edge Platform Sends Data to the Cloud

    Download this paper to learn the fastest way to connect to every industrial asset and send data to the cloud to fuel machine learning and analytics models – with a unified edge-to-cloud data connectivity platform.

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  • How to Deploy an Industrial IoT Platform for Smart Manufacturing

    Download the Smart Manufacturing Deployment Guide to learn how to overcome rising deployment costs, complexity and risk to achieve the critical data connectivity needed to visualize and analyze production lines at scale.

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