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Litmus Edge integrates contextualized OT data to Enterprise data from MongoDB

AUTHOR: Litmus Product Team

Does your organization use MongoDB to perform complex enterprise analytics? Have you always wanted to bring shop-floor real-time analytics into your MongoDB instance to do more with your plant floor data? Litmus Edge can make that happen.

What you need to do

In just a few steps, send enriched data from the industrial edge to your MongoDB database for actionable insights at the enterprise level.

  1. Simply add the MongoDB Application from from your default Marketplace Catalog on Litmus Edge.

  2. Follow the standard steps to add a connector; select DB - MongoDB from the list of connectors.

  3. Enable the connector with a simple toggle.

  1. Create and enable topics for the connector.

  2. Run queries in the MongoDB Container Terminal

Check out our documentation for a step-by-step guide on how to enable MongoDB with Litmus Edge data.

How does that help?

By feeding OT data to MongoDB, Litmus Edge can act as the bridge between OT and IT, allowing teams to work from a single source of truth. Litmus Edge adds valuable context to OT data while allowing further enrichment of your OT data with Enterprise insights from your MongoDB database. Here are a couple of end applications that you can enable with this integration.

Inventory, supply chain, and distribution data

MongoDB provides an enterprise analytics solution that can provide enhanced value with real-time operational data from your plant floors. Imagine at an enterprise level planning your inventory, logistics, supply chain, and distribution routes based on production data that's feeding real-time insights from your industrial assets - machines, assembly lines, sites, and other systems deployed (SCADA, MES, ERP, among others).

Automotive Industry and Track & Trace

Correlate feedback from the field and end-user experience with real-time data from your edge devices to make timely decisions on production volume, material used, quality analysis, and more. Track and trace the movement of vehicle parts, usage, UX, and beyond to make real-time production decisions long after the parts have left the manufacturing premise.

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Check out our extensive list of prebuilt integrations with other Cloud and enterprise systems.

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