Cloud and Enterprise Integrations

  • Publish data (outbound topics) from the edge directly to a cloud service provider or a database.
  • Subscribe to data (inbound topics) from a cloud service provider or a database.

Cloud Service Providers

Litmus Edge lets you add prebuilt connectors to enable integration with the following cloud service providers:

  • Azure Event Hubs
    Edge Access
  • Google Cloud Pub/Sub
  • Kafka SSL
  • Kafka TCP
  • MQTT – Amazon AWS IoT Core over SSL
  • MQTT – Azure IoT Hub using Device Certificates
  • MQTT – Azure IoT Hub using SAS Key
  • MQTT – Generic
  • MQTT – Generic over SSL
  • MQTT – Google IoT Core over SSL
  • MQTT – IBM Watson over SSL
  • MQTT – System Protobuf SSL
  • MQTT – System Protobuf TCP
  • Mindsphere PSK (experimental)
  • Splunk


You can integrate Litmus Edge with databases. You can enable database apps in the Applications Marketplace. Database connections allow table names in mixed case. The following databases are currently supported:

  • Loopback Connector
  • DB – InfluxDB SSL (experimental)
  • DB – InfluxDB TCP (experimental)
  • DB – Microsoft SQL Server
  • DB – Microsoft Server SSL (experimental)
  • DB – MongoDB
  • DB – MySQL
  • DB – MySQL SSL (experimental)
  • DB – PostgreSQL
  • DB – PostgreSQL SSL

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