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Did you know that you could connect to a MQTT Client and Server using Litmus Edge?

AUTHOR: Litmus Product Team

Litmus Edge now allows users to connect an MQTT Client and MQTT Server as DeviceHub devices. So, if you have an MQTT broker and connected devices that run an MQTT library and connect to this broker, you can unify all of the above into Litmus Edge.

With these new drivers, Litmus Edge continues to enhance its expansive list of industrial connectors, supporting multiple protocols and devices. Our customers can leverage these drivers to:

  • Unify heterogeneous systems into a common platform

  • Eliminate information silos by working from a single source of truth

How do I use these drivers?

These drivers are available in Litmus Edge 3.5.2 and later. Detailed documentation is available on how to add an MQTT Client and an MQTT server through DeviceHub.

Quick pointers on MQTT Server

You can set up an MQTT Server through DeviceHub that supports MQTT generic and MQTT SSL. We have provided the flexibility to choose from multiple authentication options namely MQTT, MQTT SSL, or both depending on your organizational preferences. You also have the option of adding User Credentials or Mutual TLS Authentication to existing configurations. Check out how you can use the Certificates pane to manage authentication configurations.

What else do I need to know?

The MQTT Client and the MQTT server should run on separate Litmus Edge instances if you want both of them to connect to each other.

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