Join our webinar to understand the limitations of a SCADA system to enable smart manufacturing and how to achieve more with an Industrial IoT Edge platform.

SCADA systems work well for their intended purposes on the plant floor and are critical to manufacturing. Industrial IoT Edge platforms are built to collect, analyze and integrate machine data to enable smart manufacturing use cases. In this webinar, we’ll explain how you can add an Industrial IoT Edge platform alongside a SCADA system to adopt smart manufacturing without rebuilding the shop floor.

What is an Industrial IoT Edge platform?

Litmus is the only Industrial IoT Edge platform that connects to all OT assets and puts machine data to work at the edge to improve operations. An Industrial IoT Edge platform handles OT data collection, edge machine analytics, cloud data integration and application enablement to seamlessly enable smart manufacturing use cases from predictive maintenance, to asset condition monitoring, to OEE optimization and more.

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