The opportunity

Litmus was founded in Silicon Valley more than five years ago when three forward-thinking co-founders realized there was no easy way for industrial companies to collect and visualize machine data. Back then it would take a team of developers, data scientists and engineers’ months or even years to build the protocols and drivers necessary to collect data for machine learning and advanced analytics. There was a clear opportunity in the market, and Litmus could deliver tremendous value.

Fast forward to today

With dozens of Fortune 500 customers and partners like HPE, Saint-Gobain and Panasonic, $7M in Series A financing led by Mitsubishi Corporation, and offices around the world, Litmus has evolved into a thriving global technology company specializing in helping industrial companies enable IIoT, Industry 4.0 and Digital Transformation.

Multiple brands

As the company matured, we needed a brand to accurately reflect our transformation from emerging start-up to successful global business. Like so many software companies, we had developed several different brands and names for products and features. The company was Litmus Automation, the flagship products were Loop and LoopEdge, and features included DeviceHub, LoopFlows, LoopInsights, and more. Our brand value and awareness were divided, with some knowing us as Litmus Automation, and others as LoopEdge.

Brand simplification

As part of our growth strategy, we made the decision to simplify and build value in just one brand – Litmus. All of our products, features and capabilities now fall under this one cohesive brand. The new Litmus logo exemplifies IIoT, Industry 4.0 and Digital Transformation. It is simple and bold, and represents Litmus as an established global technology brand.

Looking forward

As the market evolves and industrial companies invest in data intelligence at the edge, we will continue to develop, grow and position Litmus as the only brand that can rapidly enable IIoT at scale. Our brand may be new, but who we are remains the same. Our culture, commitment to innovation and customer-first approach drives us to deliver products that offer unmatched time-to-value. We are excited to help our customers transform and modernize their business, and we believe what we do will continue to impact the industry in a profound way.