The New Smart Factory Standard

The partnership between Litmus and Google Cloud combines the best-of-breed edge and cloud technologies – setting a new standard for the smart manufacturing industry.

A standard that eliminates the need to invest in a complex mix of technologies and instead unifies factory and cloud systems to dramatically simplify the way companies modernize manufacturing operations.

A standard where factory and cloud systems operate as one to share data seamlessly with people on the shop floor and across the enterprise. The data flow powers accurate analytics, AI and machine learning to inform better business decisions.

AI and machine learning are poised to drive the next evolution in manufacturing. McKinsey estimates that AI has the potential to deliver global economic activity of $13 trillion by 2030, and 70 percent of companies are expected to adopt some form of AI technology in the same timeframe.

Data Drives Modern Manufacturing

The reason manufacturing hasn’t yet undergone widespread transformation is because cloud analytics, AI and machine learning requires a steady and reliable flow of factory data to power the systems that run data models. Not just data from a few systems, but rather data from ALL factory systems.

The reality is factories struggle to connect to all machines, have no common data structure, the systems do not talk to each other and cannot easily share complete factory data with the cloud. This is the biggest problem companies face and this is the problem Litmus solves.

Litmus is the bridge to Google Cloud, easily connecting to all machines on the factory floor, collecting and structuring all data in way that can be easily sent to Google Cloud to build and run data models, and finally taking those data models and easily putting them to work next to the equipment on the shop floor to improve manufacturing operations.

Many manufacturers have dipped their toes in the water with varying success, often finding that AI was too complex or too expensive to achieve. In fact, 74% of manufacturers are failing to capture the full value of their cloud adoption.

The Edge-to-Cloud Partnership

Together, Litmus and Google Cloud will now offer the ideal solution for manufacturers to fully realize the promised value of AI in the market. Litmus-enabled edge intelligence combined with Google Cloud services and application enablement will provide a best-in-class solution with all the critical capabilities needed for smart manufacturing success.

This is truly an exciting time for the manufacturing industry. We are proud of this partnership and believe with so many solutions coming to market each day, there needs to be an edge-to-cloud standard to ensure companies get started on the right path. The Litmus and Google Cloud partnership is the first step to realizing the new smart factory standard.

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