The Smart Manufacturing Virtual Seminar Experience

Embracing Smart Manufacturing is no longer optional. The need for Industry 4.0 companies to be more agile, responsive and intelligent in how they manufacture goods is critical to business success. Investing in the right platform provides the critical data connectivity, intelligence and integration layer needed to improve operations, reduce costs and mitigate downtime. Join Litmus, Momenta Partners and Saint-Gobain for “How To Enable Smart Manufacturing In 30 Days,” a 90-minute digital event that will explore must-have platform capabilities, the value of deploying an out-of-the-box solution on the shop floor, and how integrating data with cloud and big data applications can enable machine learning and AI.

  • Market Overview and Solutions

    We’ll discuss the state of manufacturing in 2020, what it means to be more agile, responsive and intelligent, and discuss the must-have platform capabilities to enable smart manufacturing.

  • Customer Use Cases and Deployments

    Learn how Saint-Gobain is using Litmus to enable Industry 4.0 across multiple facilities, and the various smart manufacturing use cases and deployment options that can be implemented.

  • Product Demo and Interactive Panel

    A demonstration on how to collect data from any machine on the shop floor, visualize and analyze real-time data, as well as integrate data with cloud and big data systems to enable machine learning and AI.

Why Enable Smart Manufacturing

Companies that have invested in smart manufacturing solutions are more agile, responsive and resilient. They are able to produce high-quality goods, more efficiently, while reducing costs. The question companies need to ask is not if they should move to embrace smart manufacturing, but rather what is preventing them? This seminar will answer those questions.

  • 50%

    Reduction in unplanned outages

  • 20%

    Reduction in maintenance costs

  • 20%

    Increase in asset productivity

  • $100k

    Cost of downtime per hour

Meet The Speakers

Litmus technology solves the complex challenge of enabling smart manufacturing with a purpose-built platform that simplifies how companies collect, analyze and act on real-time machine data intelligence with unmatched time-to-value. The Saint Gobain Sekuritdivision manufactures automotive glass and has a simple and centralized Industry 4.0 strategy – to achieve condition monitoring and visibility into the shop floor so they can troubleshoot issues and improve asset performance. Momenta Partners is a digital transformation advisory firm with deep industry knowledge in manufacturing.

  • Blaine Mathieu

    Momenta Partners

  • Kevin Ametepe

    Industry 4.0 Engineering Leader - Saint-Gobain

  • John Younes

    Co-founder & COO

  • Marc Dekker

    Technical Deployment Leader

Original Air Date: Wednesday, June 24 at 11:00 AM ET

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The Smart Manufacturing Virtual Seminar is a 90-minute digital event designed to give you all the information you need to enable smart manufacturing in 30 days. Learn about the market and leading vendors, must-have smart manufacturing capabilities, how customers are using Litmus today, and finally see the platform in action to understand how easy it is to deploy and use Litmus to collect, analyze and act on real-time data on the shop floor.