At Litmus, we know that personal health and safety is the number one priority.

With most people now working remotely, the next goal is to make sure everyone is as productive as possible. Our Remote IIoT Program enables manufacturing companies to rapidly connect all industrial automation devices for real-time data analytics and intelligence, all deployed 100% remotely.

Six-Months Free*

With six-months of Litmus free we’ll help you accelerate any industrial IoT edge computing solution. Within minutes Litmus Edge can connect to your assets and start collecting live operational data.

Rapid Remote Setup

Litmus Edge can be deployed remotely, removing the need to be on location during setup. We’ll be right there virtually to help you connect to your assets, collect data, as well as analyze and act on live data.

Complimentary Services and Support

Along with six months of Litmus free, receive complimentary services and support from our engineers including a two-hour onboarding session, and regular cadence calls to ensure systems are working as planned.

Access Machines Remotely

Litmus Edge is built to be accessed anywhere, anytime, anyplace. You don’t have to be in the plant to view your manufacturing assets or analyze real-time operational data. A simple web interface allows stakeholders to access Litmus Edge for remote data management and actionable intelligence.

We are confident that with Litmus Edge, you will realize incredible time-to-value. Our platform is purpose-built to the solve the complex of challenge of enabling IIoT at scale.

*Offer ends May 29, 2020. Some restrictions apply, contact the Litmus team for more details.