Join our webinar to learn how the next wave of IIoT will solve the complex management challenges created as organizations scale out IIoT deployments.

2022 is the year enterprise Industrial IoT use cases accelerate and go mainstream. Many of our customers have successfully connected hundreds of assets and are collecting and using OT data to run analytics and applications across many sites. As they continue to scale out IIoT and add more use cases they are facing new challenges around how to simplify the management of IIoT devices and data, as well as how to best manage and deploy applications and machine learning models at scale.

Litmus Edge for Enterprise-Scale Industrial IoT

After the first wave of Industrial IoT adoption, the capabilities necessary to realize value are clear: data collection, machine analytics, application enablement and data integration. Now as IIoT devices and applications proliferate, it’s time to think about scale. Customers need to adopt the right technology to manage devices and data across all sites from a single point of control, and then deploy and manage applications and machine learning models to all IIoT devices. The next wave of adoption will focus on scale, repeatability, and the predictability of deployments and value realized.

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