12 September 2017 – MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS – SAN FRANCISCO, CA – ​​​Litmus Automation, an Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) platform provider, today announced the availability of the next generation of LoopEdge, the world’s first ever edge-level platform for IoT gateways and Industrial PCs. LoopEdge seamlessly connects industrial devices and systems, liberating processing and integrating the data from the factory floor into cloud or on-premise enterprise systems.

In addition to an improved and consolidated user interface with a familiar look and feel, the latest version of LoopEdge IIoT gateway software includes the following enhancements:

Improved device management integrated with Loop Cloud for increased visibility and control over a large number and variety of devices
Remote access for full device communication in the field and end-to-end encryption
Enhanced connectivity management with a unified driver framework to easily add and remove device drivers
Redesigned DataHub, a local database on the gateway, for monitoring cloud connectivity, protecting data, and creating custom data flows

With an intuitive management user interface, LoopEdge enables the distribution of drivers at the gateway level to collect data from almost all legacy industrial protocols. The new remote access feature includes VPN for enhanced security and makes all devices discoverable over any type of IP network (Ethernet, Wifi or cellular).
“The market response to LoopEdge shows that IIoT projects need more control at the edge, and this new update provides more features for communication, security, scalability, and device management,” said Vatsal Shah, Co-founder and CEO of Litmus Automation. “We are helping to overcome the shortfalls of legacy equipment at the gateway level, allowing applications to run locally at the edge for quick and effective processing.”

LoopEdge has recently gained additional traction through key partnerships such as installation on the HMS Edge Gateway and certification on the HPE Edgeline IoT Gateways.

LoopEdge provides several key functionalities that are necessary for any IIoT deployment including industrial device connectivity with a simple drag and drop interface, application deployment with a public marketplace, and secure access to remotely located gateways.