17 JANUARY 2017 – SAN JOSE, CA – Litmus Automation, an Internet of Things (IoT) platform provider, today announced a partnership program for companies and organizations interested in using Litmus’ IoT platforms LoopEdge and LoopCloud to expand their IoT solutions business worldwide.

One of Litmus’ first partners commented: “HMS Industrial Networks is excited to partner with Litmus Automation for cloud connectivity,” said Kevin Knake, Executive Vice President of HMS Industrial Networks. “In no time, we combined Litmus’ LoopEdge solution with our gateway to create an out-of-the-box, easy-to-use solution for pulling data off machines. Litmus is the ideal development partner: fast, knowledgeable and affordable – everything one would expect from a cutting-edge company in the IoT space.”

As the market for IoT solutions is growing at a rapid rate, Litmus’ LoopEdge (edge management and applications system) and LoopCloud (backend infrastructure) IoT platforms will play a major role in almost every industry. More and more companies are looking at IoT solutions to improve their operations and expand revenue streams. For those interested in capitalizing on these growing opportunities, Litmus Automation’s Partnership Program provides proven and reliable IoT solutions to companies and their customers.

“We appreciate the fact that a successful partnership needs to be mutually beneficial, offering complementary skills and relationships that can uncover opportunities to help businesses grow in evolving markets,” said Vatsal Shah, CEO/Co-founder of Litmus Automation. “Litmus’ partners benefit from the company’s unwavering commitment to research and development across high-growth areas such as connected car and connected industry. Active engagement with emerging open source platforms and ongoing investment in cloud computing technologies keep Litmus at the forefront of what businesses to need to prepare for the future.”

Litmus Automation’s Partnership Classifications Include:

System Integrator
Leverage LoopEdge and LoopCloud to build innovative IoT solutions that provide new insights and revenue streams for clients

Hardware OEM
Embed LoopEdge or LoopCloud in next-generation hardware for a competitive advantage and additional value for customers

Managed Services Provider (MSP)
MSPs provide outsourced IoT capabilities to clients powered by LoopCloud and/or LoopEdge

Software Application Partner (SAP)
Partner companies leverages LoopEdge and/or LoopCloud to connect software applications in order to deliver a full end-to-end IoT solution to customers

Partner companies can sell and support LoopEdge and/or LoopCloud in a designated territory or market; this agreement is stand alone and includes all of the rights and obligations of an SI agreement

Partner companies will receive a commission for generating qualified leads that are turned over and pursued by Litmus Automation; this agreement can be added as an addendum to a Litmus Automation SI agreement, or in certain cases can be a stand-alone agreement

With hundreds of implementations in the real world, the company’s two major products, LoopEdge and LoopCloud, have been continuously strengthened through experience and innovation.