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Litmus Edge for Factory Connect is the fastest, most affordable, most flexible way to connect to any asset and share industrial data across the enterprise. With 250+ drivers out-of-the-box, Litmus Edge connects to any asset in just minutes with no coding required, unifies and normalizes the data, and easily integrates with any cloud or enterprise system to share data with the people, processes and systems that need it to improve operations. View All Drivers

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Litmus Edge for Factory Connect includes everything you need to connect to devices, collect data and share data with factory and cloud applications.


Litmus Edge collects all OT data with pre-built drivers, normalizes the data and stores it in a standard format ready-to-use by edge and cloud applications. Customers can use Litmus Edge to engineer the data with drag-and-drop workflows and alerts, and integrate the unified data to any cloud or enterprise system with pre-built connectors. These key features make Litmus Edge rapid-to-deploy and easy-to-use to put industrial data to work across the enterprise.

Trusted by Fortune 500 Companies

Litmus is the Industrial IoT Edge standard for the biggest and most innovative companies in the world. They choose us to harness the power of their machine data with speed, scale and security.

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