The Litmus Edge Quick Start Program allows organizations to use our complete enterprise-grade Industrial IoT platform at an affordable price.

Litmus Edge enables rapid and secure Industrial IoT at scale – providing all the OT device drivers, machine analytics and applications you need to improve operations at scale.

  • Everything you need to connect any OT asset out-of-the-box with 250+ drivers included
  • Analyze machine data with pre-built analytics and custom visualizations
  • Send ready-to-use data to enterprise and cloud systems with pre-built connectors
  • Deploy and run any application or machine learning models at the edge
  • Rapidly enable use cases to improve machine performance, production quality and OEE

Talk With a Litmus Expert

Our only goal is to help you realize the value of Industrial IoT. Our team is here and ready to talk about use cases, technology and how we can work together to help you realize the value of data intelligence with Litmus. Connect with any of the experts below and they will gladly spend an hour to talk.