A flexible and secure Industrial IoT Edge platform for smart manufacturing

The Litmus Industrial IoT Edge platform is purpose-built to solve the complex challenge of connecting to any data source on the factory floor, collecting and analyzing real-time data and integrating with IT systems. Litmus provides a way to centrally manage and orchestrate all devices, data and applications across all factories. OT and IT teams trust Litmus to deliver the critical data they need to enable smart manufacturing and improve operations.

All-in-one IIoT Edge platform deployed next to the assets on the factory floor

One platform to collect, analyze, manage and integrate real-time data from the factory floor to meet business needs across the organization. Connect to any PLC, CNC, sensor, robotic system, or SCADA/MES/Historian with 250+ pre-loaded drivers and no programming, then collect, process and normalize the data automatically.

Visualize real-time and historical data with pre-built analytics and KPIs

Bring immediate value to the OT team with instant analytics and pre-built dashboards and KPIs such as asset utilization, uptime/downtime, OEE and more. Analyze data on the factory floor, push it to the cloud, into data lakes, or to an enterprise application, then back to the factory floor for anywhere-to-anywhere data movement.

Spend less time on development with docker-powered apps and centralized management

Enable one-click application orchestration and deploy docker container-based applications from a public or private application marketplace. Make sure the entire project runs smoothly and can scale across multiple facilities with a single point of control to manage the lifecycle of edge computing devices from bootstrap to replacement.

Enable dozens of use cases and integrate data to third party apps

Tap into existing technology, add a layer of intelligence, and then analyze, manage and integrate the data for immediate results. Enable any use case from OEE to asset condition monitoring to predictive maintenance. Derive value locally, and then easily send the data to third-party cloud, big data or enterprise applications for further processing.

Industry 4.0 のためのエッジプラットフォーム

柔軟性と拡張性に優れたLitmus のエッジプラットフォームは、Industry 4.0 への取り組みや、スマート・マニュファクチャリング、インダストリアル IoT、予防保守、機械学習といったユースケースに対応します。Litmus は、大規模なアセットの可視化、パフォーマンス、稼動時間の向上に必要なデータの収集、分析、管理、および OT-IT の連携機能を提供します。

Litmus の利用を開始する