The Litmus Industrial IoT platform puts OT data and insights into the hands of the people who need it to improve operations at the edge

Visibility into OT assets

Connect to every machine for a complete picture of what is happening at the OT edge. Share accurate and up-to-date data with anyone on the team from supervisors to engineers to maintenance.

Actionable insights and intelligence

Collect good, normalized machine data for things like cycle time, production volume, capacity utilization, anomalies, uptime/downtime and more. Visualize the data easily and take immediate action when things go wrong.
Improve OT operations at scale

Improve OT operations at scale

Use the steady stream of OT data to make real quality and productivity improvements over time. Enable applications to identify workflow bottlenecks, reduce scrap, predict maintenance needs, improve OEE and increase quality.

Litmus simplifies how companies collect, use and share OT data at the edge and across the enterprise

Connect to any OT asset

Easily connect to every machine or system at the OT edge in just minutes. Collect complete machine data and share it anywhere across the enterprise with one single platform.

Put data to work

Access pre-built dashboards, set up alerts for key thresholds and access data via a simple web interface. Make decisions based on good, complete machine data.

Run any application

Securely build and run any application at the OT edge. Enable dozens of use cases such as OEE, process control, quality, traceability, vision systems and more.

Real-World Industrial IoT Use Cases

Power Systems Industrial IoT

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