Machine learning requires 'ready-to-use' data, collected from all assets and data sources at the edge

The biggest challenge Industry 4.0 companies face is access to the data they need to fuel machine learning and analytics models. The Litmus Industrial IoT Edge platform is purpose-built to solve the complex challenge of connecting to any industrial asset or data source, and integrating data with enterprise, cloud and big data systems. OT and IT teams trust Litmus to deliver the critical data they need to enable machine learning to improve asset and process uptime, performance and quality.

One platform to collect, analyze and integrate data from all industrial assets

Litmus delivers unmatched time-to-value by connecting to any PLC, DCS, SCADA, Historian or sensor in just minutes. Our industry-leading, 250+ pre-loaded driver library connects and collects data out-of-the-box with no programming required. Litmus normalizes and structures the data into a standard format for immediate consumption by third party machine learning applications.

Integrate ‘ready-to-use’ data with any cloud or big data system

Normalized data is immediately made available to both OT and IT systems. Litmus provides pre-built, easy to configure connectors to AWS, Azure, Google Cloud and others for rapid deployment. Use the critical and accurate asset data collected and normalized to deploy advanced analytics and machine learning models that lead to increased operational efficiency.

Deploy and run machine learning models at the edge

Litmus completes the continuous improvement loop by pushing machine learning models back to industrial assets at the edge, enabling true anywhere-to-anywhere data flow. Run machine learning models at the asset to deliver corrective actions in real-time.

Industry 4.0 のためのエッジプラットフォーム

柔軟性と拡張性に優れたLitmus のエッジプラットフォームは、Industry 4.0 への取り組みや、スマート・マニュファクチャリング、インダストリアル IoT、予防保守、機械学習といったユースケースに対応します。Litmus は、大規模なアセットの可視化、パフォーマンス、稼動時間の向上に必要なデータの収集、分析、管理、および OT-IT の連携機能を提供します。

Litmus の利用を開始する