September 10, 2018 – San Jose, CA – Litmus Automation, an Edge and Cloud Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) platform provider, today announced the release of new LoopEdge features and accolades that separate the company as the leader in the Edge computing market.

LoopEdge, a complete Edge computing platform for Industrial IoT, has recently added a number of features including:

– The most complete driver suite with 100s of new drivers added to Devicehub for connectivity to various PLCs, robotic systems, CNC machines, and other industrial systems
– Support as an OPC-UA Server with a Schema Builder interface
– Native IoT integrations to AWS IoT, Azure IoT Hub, SAP Leonardo, IBM Watson IoT and many more popular IoT Cloud Platforms
– Smart Edge application orchestration for deploying applications to the Edge from the LoopCloud platform
– Secure certificate management system including an encrypted vault to store provide and public keys, and various other certificates
– APIs available for OEM partners to easily develop their own custom solutions

“The latest updates to LoopEdge make it the most advanced Edge computing platform on the market,” said Vatsal Shah, co-founder and CEO of Litmus. “Our products have already been deployed in large-scale production by some of the largest Fortune 500 manufacturing companies and Industrial OEMs. LoopEdge has been recognized by analysts and customers alike as a quick and easy platform to connect to varied assets at the Edge for a successful IoT deployment.”