The Litmus Industrial IoT platform gives IT teams centralized control over edge deployments with the ability to securely share OT data with enterprise systems

Unify OT data

Enable secure edge-to-cloud data flow with a complete view of OT data across any number of lines or sites. Eliminate data silos and manual extraction with a platform that normalizes and unifies all data and stores it in a central database.

Control secure edge deployments

Choose from several flexible deployment options that are secure, validated and compliance-driven. Centrally orchestrate and manage the lifecycle of all edge devices, data and applications easily with remote management, mass configuration, updates and backup.

Litmus for Data Teams

Empower data-driven decisions

Share a steady stream of OT data with anyone who needs it at the edge or in the cloud – data science teams, operations, executives, finance and more. Manage secure IT policies and provide the necessary access to drive data-driven decisions across the company.

Litmus simplifies how IT teams manage and control edge-to-enterprise Industrial IoT deployments

Real-World Industrial IoT Use Cases

Bottled Water Industrial IoT Factory

Bottled Water Manufacturer Leverages OT Data to Improve Operations

Power Systems Industrial IoT

Power Systems Manufacturer Reduces Machine Downtime and Improves OEE

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