Watch our webinar replay to understand the difference between IIoT Platforms and OPC Servers, and why data-driven factories are investing in a unified data layer to enable smart manufacturing use cases.

Data-driven factory use cases are driving the demand for quick and easy access to contextualized data for the people, applications and systems that need it to improve operations at scale. The differences between modern IIoT Platforms and legacy OPC Server solutions are clear – this webinar does a deep-dive into these often compared but very different technologies and explain why a unified IIoT data layer must be the foundation for data-driven factories.

Meet The Speakers

Marc Dekker and Dave McMorran bring many years of manufacturing expertise to another informative webinar – IIoT Platforms vs OPC Servers – Comparing Modern and Legacy Factories. Building on the concept behind the SCADA Systems vs Industrial IoT Platforms webinar, they look at the legacy factory automation stack and compare the value of OPC Servers compared to IIoT Platforms to create a modern, data-driven factory.