The Litmus Industrial IoT platform gives food and beverage manufacturers the machine data and analytics they need to optimize the golden batch, meet regulatory requirements and improve output

Food and Beverage Industrial IoT

Optimize conditions for the golden batch

Monitor and collect data for all external conditions that affect the batch – temperature, pressure, humidity and more. Determine which parameters lead to the ideal golden batch and then use the control system to offset any unexpected changes to ensure repeatable quality.

Meet regulatory requirements

Simplify regulatory approval and process registration with the Litmus platform in place to track and report changes. Collect and analyze all process data to report changes and detect anomalies to determine when a batch will go bad and keep it from happening again.

Improve quality and yield

Calculate quality and production yield at the edge, then provide that data to OT and IT teams to make improvements over time. Bring data together from an entire plant, or multiple facilities, to expand the insight into overall production processes.

The Litmus Industrial IoT Edge platform simplifies how food and beverage manufacturers harness the power of OT data at the edge

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